I want to talk about things that mean a lot to me, important things that will change the world as i know it, things that will inspire change and encourage movement. I want to find out what i’m good at and find what it is that i’m going to spend the rest of my life working for, succeeding at and making others work for. Being 23 is more different than i thought it would be. I feel like i’m falling into a new era, a new age that is going to mold who i am for the rest of my life and it scares me. I thought i’d already dealt with that back when i was 20 but apparently not. This space here documents that change and my exploration of what the rest of my life will be about. 

But most likely, I tend to just talk about what’s going on in my day to day life and what ticks me off and oils my wheels. I’m currently living in Brunei because well, i’m Bruneian, but hey, ask me in the next year or two or three or five and it might be a different answer altogether. The world is huge and i’m territorial.

Take a look inside the world of a modern South-East Asian girl who’s ahead of her time and currently in the midst of self-rebranding. She often gets called a bitch by the intimidated and affronted but don’t let that deter you. Her fruit equivalent would be a spicy strawberry.

Oh and my name is Sheyenne.