Picking myself up by the chins after a hell of a week

by alittlehoneyformyheart

So if you guys read my last post, you’ll know that i’ve been going through a rough patch with my family ever since i stormed out of the house early Monday morning and temporarily moved into my boyfriend’s place. It’s been difficult and for the first 48 hours i spent a lot of time crying in bed, watching a lot of feel-good movies, texting back and forth with my parents in the hopes of getting through to them and basically just sobbing at everything at the drop of a hat.

But now i’m done feeling sorry for myself. I’m finally home and while i’m not on the best of terms with my family yet, i know that there are so many other people who have my back. There’s an entire support system out there for me that reaches beyond the family gates.

Now i’m going to focus on picking myself up, beginning with my appearance because frankly speaking, i look like shit because:

1) I’ve been binge eating like mad and my turkey neck is showing because like, since i’m already down in the dumps, i might as well just start eating from it right? Jk. Since it’s a total guy pad, there wasn’t really much to cook at my boyfriend’s place so i went around scavenging and found this amazing “nasi campur” place which is basically a one-round buffet, to put it simply. You go around picking different sorts of meat based dishes (i love love loved the curry rendang, the rendang masak kicap and idk some fatty turmeric “kunyit” based stew), some side dishes like salted egg or tofu or tempe, some vegetables (i always went for terung sambal? I’m not sure if that’s what it’s called but it’s basically chillied eggplant), all placed in one container which surprisingly complemented well with one another despite all the different sauces in there. And i was always really surprised by how cheap it all was! Being the born glutton that i am, I think i always chose around 5 dishes at a time and it always came about to $2.5o. Like wtf. The highlight of my freaking mornings, i’m telling you).

2) My hair is frizzy af because when i left the house i forgot to pack my conditioner and since i didn’t really want to leave the house for anything less important than food, i literally left half a bottle of Nivea body lotion in my hair in lieu of actual conditioner for five minutes and then rinsed. The results were actually surprisingly okay, like personally, i couldn’t feel or really see the difference so that was less one thing to cry about. It’s just that i forgot to pack my straighteners so most of the time i just skulked around looking like Lily Rabe in AHS:Hotel.

Me all week

3. My makeup game has been off because i’ve been experimenting so much with different lipsticks recently and while all these outlandish colours are trendy, admittedly they’re not always very flattering, especially for day to day use. Unless you look like Miranda Kerr or something. Like if your outfit is not extra, you need to stay away from that navy green lipstick. And if you don’t have the rest of your face made up to the nines, don’t even touch that cement clay matte lippie.

4. Although on a positive note, my skin has been fairly behaving itself! But that’s mostly because with my boyfriend getting up for work at 8 am and going to sleep by 12 or 1 am, i’ve sort of attuned myself to his sleeping patterns. Which is a good thing but now that i’m home again, that’s probably shot to hell.

So yeah, starting tomorrow i’m going to pick myself up by my chins (all four of them) and force myself to start looking normal again, even if that means putting aside experimenting with makeup for a bit and going for basic corals and pinks that i know i’ll look good in. It’s all about looking and feeling good inside and outside for now.

That’s all xx