20 bullet thoughts

by alittlehoneyformyheart

1. I’m done with exams

2. I’m done with my degree

3. All that’s left to do is graduate

4. I’m currently waiting on news to see if I’ve been accepted into a Masters programme (in the same uni)

5. I’m currently also waiting for a sign to see if i should apply for my dream job (that in all fairness, is screaming out my name. It’s not often you see your dream job at your dream website being advertised in your face twice)

6. Problem: Am i ready to pack up and move to a new country so soon?

7. Do i prioritize my higher education over getting my foot in the career ladder? Is this a once in a lifetime chance? Do dream jobs in dream cities at dream websites come a-knocking twice?

8. Q:What am i going to do with all my free time ahead of me?

9. A: Read, write, absorb.

10. Write. Write… And write.

11. But to write, first i need to read. And that doesn’t count dragging out The Lost Symbol over the course of the past two months.

12. I’m going to focus on my writing from now onwards.

13. As i was typing #12, a thought literally just threw a figurative glass of ice cold water in my face and up my nose because that’s obviously not going to happen if i pursue an irrelevant Masters degree in Business Management. Which, by the way, will take up another year and a half of my life.

14. What am i going to do?

15. Am i taking the safe route and diverting myself away from a chance which will unlikely present itself twice?

16. Am i ready to move to a city where i know practically no one and just leave everything behind?

17. Also, if i were American, i’d literally have moved out of my parents place and into a foreign city/country five years ago. So why am i still hesitating at the ripe, old age of 23?

18. Why am i so confident that i’ll get this job?

19. Because inside, in the deep red core of my heart, i know that job is for me.

20. I’m going to sleep it over and wait for a sign. Because i have a headache and i need to wake up in an hour.

That’s all.

More consistent posts up in the near future, i promise.