Our 4th Anniversary! + CAKES CAKES AND MORE CAKES +Girlfriend of the Year Award

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I had such a lovely day today, it really has been one of the best ones in a while. I actually have a few posts drafted that i never got around to publish on some really, extra shitty days/weeks that i’ve been facing lately. There’s something about reliving a bad day that completely turns me off, like, just thinking about those days just make me prickle at the neck. But cutting to the chase, today was the fourth year anniversary for Dem and me!

Beyond the longest relationship i’ve ever had in this lifetime. And only at 23. Damn.

Now those of you who know me well will know that i’m sort of a grinch when it comes to special occasions (especially birthdays) considering i have yet to fully come to terms with appreciating the “beauty” of default celebrations like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries etc.. I’m more of a “make my own luck” sort of person in the sense that i prefer occasions that actually have a cause for celebration, like say, if i were to launch my first novel or if a friend has just released a clothing line or if my boyfriend won an award or something. Unlike birthdays or whatever which demand to be celebrated by default from a lazy sense of entitlement or out of petty sentimental value, events such as these actually have a reason to be celebrated. ALTHOUGH that doesn’t mean that i don’t celebrate the default stuff, i mean, it may not mean much to me but for some people, it means a lot and i’m not like a total recluse. Lol. Also because i have a handful of family and friends who refuse to let the occasion go by without note (for which i am begrudgingly thankful for, if i’m to be completely honest).

BUT ANYWAY (why can’t i ever refer to ^ without launching into an entire tirade dammit), today was our anniversary and because i love my boyfriend and i didn’t want him to think that i completely disregarded this momentous milestone in our relationship, i decided at the very last minute to get him a cake from the new trendy bakery in town. Someone had liked some photos that the bakery had posted on their Facebook page and all i saw were these gorgeous mini cakes that had been launched very recently:

Taken off the Bake Culture Brunei Facebook Page

Taken off the Bake Culture Brunei Facebook page

Aren’t they absolutely gorgeous?!

I’m so thankful that we’ve finally moved away, away, away from the era of those tacky small sponge cakes that old bakeries used to sell, the ones with Mickey Mouse frosted on in glazed icing and rolled in chocolate sprinkles at the sides. So anyway, i bought the White Chocolate Crunchy cake to surprise Dem with and it was just absolutely adorable. I was actually torn between Red Velvet Gown and the one that i got but then again, Red Velvet has always flummoxed me because i can never actually tell what flavour it is. Some people say it’s just chocolate with excessive food colouring, some people say it’s cream cheese, personally, it tastes like nothing distinct to me.

To be honest, i didn’t plan on getting him a cake but since i felt bad about how his birthday present and his anniversary present are still um…in the process of being done, i bought him cake to stall for the meantime. Lol. I bought it for BND18 and it came with this adorable party pack with forks and mini plates and lots of candles. I didn’t use any of it though because i really wanted our anniversary dinner to be as simple and low-key as possible so there wasn’t going to be any dramatic blowing of candles or anything AND i purposely bought the tiniest cake available because i actually had this idea of us just digging in with our spoons and literally just sharing the cake between us instead of fussing with knifes and plates and dividing the cake with other people and whatnot. And that’s what we did. I loved it. The symbolism of it and everything else was just perfect as was the packaging that the cake came in.

We had dinner at this Thai cuisine place literally on the beach and i’d made reservations for us requesting for their “best” table which happened to be on their outdoor balcony, actually ten feet from the beach shore. It was lovely! Eventhough it did drizzle on us quite a bit bahahaha and at one point we were so disgustingly salty and sticky from the sea spray blowing in on us. But we had like 6 dishes on our table and we weren’t crazy about moving indoors mid-dinner so we stuck through.

Dem had actually almost made reservations for a much fancier restaurant but believe it or not, i told him that for this anniversary, i just wanted to keep it low-key. To be honest, 1) For the first time in my life i didn’t feel like getting dressed up since i knew i’d been meeting him straight from classes and i’d also been up late completing an essay and 2) We only just got back our two week trip from Jakarta last week so i was thinking that for tonight maybe we could have something fairly low-maintenance but still romantic since we usually go all out on our trips anyway. And the place didn’t disappoint! It was somewhat fancy but with a really laid back atmosphere so people were all in casual wear, there was candlelight and music and the sound of the waves crashing and most importantly, no mosquitoes so all in all, we had a great time.

We didn’t do anything really remarkable but being together and just working on our dynamic to make today a great day just felt amazing. God, i’m getting to be so fucking cheesy. Being 23 is different, y’ guys. But that’s a different post altogether.

That’s all for now!