Don’t interrupt my Harry Potter tears! + Breaking up with rice? (Spoiler: No way in hell)

by alittlehoneyformyheart

My mid-semester break officially begins today! Well, mine started about three days ago on Thursday at 3 pm to be exact because i don’t have classes on weekends so things have been really chill so far. To be honest, the entire semester has been very relaxed (or is that just me?)! I’m planning on getting started on my assignments soon but unfortunately, most of them are group assignments or presentations which is always a bummer because i hate waiting on other people and i hate putting myself at risk and i always find myself in charge if someone hasn’t offered yet because if i don’t then who will? And more importantly, when?? Mostly likely, two days before the assignment or presentation is due and i ain’t fucking with yuuuuu. I mean, i am a procrastinator, that much is true but i know i can depend on myself to pull through and if i don’t, then i am the cause of my own undoing but in group work, it’s not like that is it?

Dem and I finally finished watching all 8 Harry Potter movies in a span of about a week and they were sick. Some of them i know i only watched once or twice at most because back then, DVDs were still un-mainstream so i always got the CDs instead (hey Brunei used to be a piracy hub, in case you didn’t know! Just kidding, but not really) and they were really shitty quality. And since the Harry Potter movies, especially the latter ones, were really dark in a lot of the scenes– i feel like they should have invested more in the lighting department? Just saying!– i really couldn’t see much at all! Now with downloading and everything, i finally got to watch everything in 2020 vision and it was…amazing :’) But i got into a small tiff with my boyfriend while we were watching Deathly Hallows part 2 and he got annoyed because i kept sobbing towards the end and asked me “why are you being so emotional??”. I SWEAR I ALMOST BROKE UP WITH HIM. I ALMOST DID. You do not just ask someone why they’re crying during a Harry Potter movie dammit! I just slowly turned to him and went through gritted teeth, “you just don’t understand do you?” and he actually went, “you don’t even care about me” and i was like, “ARE YOU SERIOUSLY DOING THIS RIGHT NOW?! HARRY JUST JUMPED INTO THE PENSIEVE AND INTO SNAPE’S DEEPEST DARKEST SECRETS AND YOU’RE DOING THIS NOW??” and he just sulked and went, “fine”. But it was all okay after that. Lol i’m not usually as aggressive. I don’t think so at least.

My stomach feels so nauseated at the moment. I could really use a shot of Antangin right now, i haven’t had it in weeks which is a record for me cause i usually have at least a pack or two in my handbag #holygrailstatus. I’ve been hearing a lot about people cutting out rice from their diet and i’m not gonna lie i have been considering jumping on the wagon as well but everytime i hop on, half my ass is still sticking out and i fall off and i get up and i run after the wagon and it’s kicking dirt in my face but i’m still running but it’s getting further and further and further…and i never find it again until the next blue moon. That’s just how it is. I mean, how does one just simply give up rice?! It may not be the tastiest carb, it may not be the most adventurous carb but it is still up there on my list. I need rice. It makes my meals feel more worth it, it prolongs the tastiness  of my meals and balances out all the flavours and just pulls everything together. Imagine if i only had two pieces of chicken for dinner, if i eat it like that it’s going to go in about five minutes flat and i’m going to be back in the kitchen looking for other things to eat in about 20. But if i eat it with rice, it would last me much longer and i’d be able to have a small piece of chicken with a spoonful of rice rather than just half my chicken drumstick in my mouth in one go. And with sauces, everything just synchronises with my tastebuds and everything just mingles better and amplifies itself. I could never forbid myself that. And not to mention, my favourite food? Yeah, sushi. My favourite food in the whole wide world wouldn’t exist without rice, JAPAN WOULDN’T EXIST WITHOUT RICE, PEOPLE. Those tiny, pure grains of heavenly mush. Sigh.

Speaking of which, i’m really craving pasta right now. Pasta is my go-to carb though. Lol. I won’t even start on my ode to pasta, y’guys. It’s currently almost 7 a.m. and i’m hoping A will reply my text soon about having lunch together cause i know what i’m going to be having. No, not rice, pasta. Tomato-ey, tangy, sauce-y pasta.

K. That’s all for now. xx