Things i should have would have and did do + Finally a Harry Potter marathon!

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I feel like writing something tonight and i’m taking that as a good sign eventhough i didn’t do anything useful today like i said i would. Yeap. Just one of those days spent rolling around in bed, groaning about all the things i should and could be doing yet… it’s 2.30 in the morning and i don’t think i came even close to doing anything that i’d planned to do. Nothing much or super important on the agenda, really, but i enjoy tormenting myself by making lists in my head even when it drives me nuts when i don’t get to tick anything off said lists. But anyway since we’re at it, i might as well mention everything i’ve done today in an attempt to convince myself that the past 24 hours has not been a total waste of time.

  1. I washed my hair in the middle of the day (planned and sort of unplanned if you get what i mean)
  2. I finally fried some “kerupuk bawang”/ onion crisps(??) that someone had given to me the other day (umm it was okay, i didn’t detect anything onion-y about it, it was just kind of sweet)
  3. I shaved my legs after God knows how long. I don’t know when i gave up shaving but i definitely got a much-needed wake up call when i was wearing a knitted skirt the other day when a breeze blew past and i felt my leg hairs bristling in the wind i kid you not
  4. I drove my grandmother over to her friend’s place a few blocks over to collect something so that sort of qualifies as quality time right?
  5. I watched two Harry Potter movies with D just now! We’ve been on a roll lately, i’ve always always wanted to have a Harry Potter marathon and it’s never happened because a) I can’t do it on my own because my attention span is practically non-existent and b) there was never a time and place suitable enough to do it with friends because most of the time, all we want to do when we see each other is talk and eat. We’d just finished watching The Goblet of Fire and i am extremely excited to say that Dem is definitely a Potterhead in the making! Although i don’t think it’s in the long run but he’s definitely gotten the gist of everything. Also, it’s amazing how much i still remember about it all after all these years of not watching it, including the trivia and quotes and twists! I feel so proud of myself for that, oddly enough. We’re going to watch the next two tomorrow night and it’s totes exciting!

In fact, while we were in bed watching the movies i was mentioning to Dem just how lucky i felt to just be there; in his arms, curled in bed, limbs intertwined, no makeup no bra, just a ratty old t-shirt and hideous shorts, my lopsided glasses, feeling all fuzzy and warm on an incredibly cold night. It made me think of some quotes that i’d been seeing around lately on Tumblr, Path and Twitter. You know, just those really corny basic ones about couples like “one day i’m going to roll over and see the love of my life sleeping next to me” or “one day, i’m going to meet the one who will hold my hand on the way to the movies, take me out to dinner, cuddle me on rainy days” and other single desperate quotes that single desperate people like to retweet over and over again. But it made me think of how i take it forgranted that i actually already have that someone to do all those things with, someone who isn’t perfect and yet at the same time, seems like he was made just for me.

Okay i’m going to stop myself before i run the risk of sounding like those quotes myself.

Okay shit. It’s actually almost 3.30 and i swore to myself that i’d sleep early to wake up for class at 10 tomorrow. Dammit.

That’s all for tonight!