I have a sleeping disorder? + It’s only May right?

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I have so many thoughts going through my head– some of which are deep and profound, a lot of which are not– and yet all of it are fleeting and do not last long enough to sustain an entire blog post on. I can’t believe this space has been empty for over ten days! Most days i try to limit myself to three days tops but the days are whirring by and i can hardly believe my ears whenever i hear that we’re going into September soon. When i click on an article or i’m scrolling through a blog and i see “August”, for a split second before i process the “2015” part, i assume that i’ve clicked on an old article or the blog in question hasn’t been updated. You see, in my head, it’s still currently April or May. I have no idea why my psychological calendar stopped when it did but June onwards has just been a blur for me. Does this have to do with growing old? Does time gallop by without a trace and do the weeks and months cease to mean anything the more mature the body gets? Am i having too much fun? Or am i just being boring as fuck? Which is it?

It doesn’t help that my ghastly sleeping habits seem to have peaked in the past few days! My parents went across the border for the weekend so as usual i spent the night at D’s and the both of us couldn’t fall asleep so we decided to go for breakfast/supper at 5.30 in the morning. We got back at around 6.45 and promptly conked out the moment our heads hit the pillows. Except D got up at 12 to run some errands and told me to continue sleeping because duh, he’s well aware that there’s no such thing as a 6 hour sleep with me! It’s either all or nothing cause i’m a “12 hours or nothing” kind of sleeper. So i went back to sleep. He comes back and tells me he needs to go the office to get some things. I wake up for a few minutes then head back to sleep. He comes back with McDonald’s for lunch, we eat, we watch a movie and 15 minutes into the movie, i fall back to sleep until 6 pm. We go out for dinner and i run some errands before we head back to his place and as you can probably guess by now, i went back to sleep again. I must have woken up at least three times because i kept hearing the door open (no doubt my boyfriend coming in to place a mirror under my nose to see if i’m still breathing) and each time i fucking went back to sleep. I must have gone back to sleep about seven times during the entire day! This can’t be normal…or can it?

Just kidding my sleeping pattern is shot to shit–

I’m sorry if 97% of the time i’m talking about my sleeping pattern! It’s just that i find it so amusing! I have such an amazing/unwholesome relationship with sleep that i can’t help taking a morbid interest in it! Plus, it certainly can’t hurt to document it right?

Okay i had so many things to talk about initially but– yeap, you’ve guessed it– it’s currently 9 a.m. and i probably should get some more sleep? This is an unusually short post with no clear intention or purpose but i’m going to post it anyway because i’m sick of drafting all of these sad little posts which never get to see the light of day. Anyway it’s not like i’m a professional blogger anyway, i’m allowed to have my bad days!

Goodnight! xx