(Thinking of) getting my life in order + I heart Miranda Hart + Man ghosts

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I honestly don’t have much to talk about at the moment (okay not being completely honest because i do actually have shitloads of things to divulge but this being an unprivatized site, i think it’s best that i keep my reports to myself eventhough i’m almost weeing myself in hilarity– i’ll just save it up for a good old hearty bitching fest with my girlfriends). But as usual, my fingers have started typing on their own accord, not necessarily a bad thing since at least it means i’m keeping up with my routine of posting at least once every two or three days.

My semester begins next week (three days more to be exact!) and i’m not sure how i feel about it. I’ve been feeling very bleagh about things today, which is actually a slight improvement considering the emotional rollercoaster i’ve been in for the past few days. Of course i’m sad that i’ll be leaving my holidays behind– as if two months of lounging around in bed and driving myself up the wall with overthinking wasn’t enough– but at the same time, it’ll be great to really immerse myself into something again, you know, what with “idle hands being the devil’s plaything” and all that.


Unamused at this whole module registration fiasco that i have to go through every single semester (thank god for F and her “modular credits calculating” services)!

Also, seeing some of my other acquaintances immerse themselves into their own activities and seeing them start from scratch, no matter how small, and knowing that in ten years time they’re going to look back at this trying time of their lives and know that all that effort and struggle put into building the foundation of their dream careers have paid off…it has sort of made me think about what i should start doing with my life and what kind of investments i should be putting towards my future. It’s a slightly different world out there for me than it was before, opportunities aren’t as limited as they used to be, nothing is as far off or impossible as it once would have been so naturally, the scope of potential career paths has also widened (although i’d prefer to think that there’s more than a career ahead of me, i’d like to see myself living on the saying that goes “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Doesn’t that seem so much more exciting?!).

However, it’s also getting to me because i’m at the stage where i want to start a small business but i also want to get a job to save money and make some real estate investments overseas in the near future but i also want to take time off and really focus on my last two semesters to get a good classification at the end but i also want to start writing professionally and contribute to websites. I want it all. I fucking want to do everything.

And yet here i am in my unwashed pjs, drinking mugfuls of green tea to stave off the hunger– because i’ve simply had too much icecream for today– and binge watching “Miranda” (i’m already on the second season and i’ve only started a few hours ago!).

Speaking of Miranda, I find her refreshing, almost like the less exposed British version of Mindy Kaling! I fell in love with her from “Spy”, which if you haven’t seen, you absolutely should because i’m already on my 7th round and it still never fails to make me chortle. Miranda and Melissa McCarthy are a match made in heaven (and also, i deeply believe, my soul sisters) ❤

And with this random post, i’m going to finish watching my last episode and hit the sheets.

P.s. I just got out from the toilet and i let out a shriek that would have left a banshee cowering in fear because i thought i saw a tall man ghost. But it turned out to be my dad who was waiting groggily outside for his turn to use the toilet. I believe his first words were “why you bring your computer to toilet-” because i had in fact brought Miranda with me for company because i didn’t want to sit on the toilet and hear myself think.

See, my life is so happening even at 6 in the morning. That’s all for now…



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