Random random post of what i did yesterday + Eating Wax

by alittlehoneyformyheart


The Hagrid of all toasts

I haven’t been doing much at all today which feels great because i was out all day yesterday. It always feels great to have a lie-in after having a sociable day out. In fact, all jobs should have an alternate day-in day-out system, it really would increase productivity methinks. Okay i’m making it sound like i ran a marathon yesterday or something haha but all i really did was go out for a late breakfast of honey toast (at a shabu shabu place oddly enough– although it wasn’t really wasn’t what i was looking for. I really could have used my calories on something a little more worthy! Ugh. They didn’t even have butter on the side, just a tiny condiment saucer of plain old honey). P.s. All the pictures in this post are snapchat quality lol which probably explains why it’s so strangely elongated?


She was trying to block out the noise of someone getting strangled to death on screen while trying to snapchat. Lol are we douches for snapchatting during a movie?Maybe yes, maybe no…maybe just a little.

Then after that we went to watch The Gallows which completely terrified me. I don’t know if i was just on shaky ground from all that horror reading i’ve been doing lately but for some reason, i found it so creepy! I love horror movies as much as the next person and i can usually disconnect after the lights have been switched on but i found myself scared of everything again, just like back when i was a kid. Creyes. I do recommend watching The Gallows though! It’s nothing more than your average C-list horror movie but personally, i really enjoyed it. The beginning was annoying because literally one third of the movie is shot from the POV of this annoying dick of a character called Ryan who turns out isn’t even the main character after all. I feel like he went too much out of his way to be the “frat boy of your worst nightmares”.

I’m trying to write this post but my little sister has just barged into my room ecstatically announcing that we’re having a sleepover party…in my room. And right now she’s just casually staring at my laptop screen while laying down under my arms with her bottle stuck in her mouth so i’m basically typing this out on a right angle since we’re literally joined at the hip right now. I can’t even type properly at the moment because elbow is suspended mid-air and there’s a possibility of me gouging her eye out with my elbow if i put it down to rest.. Ah what can i say– my little siblings are bonkers about me.

Sulking because she wants to be carried and swung around like a helicopter. Creyes. Who needs exercise when you've got kids??

Sulking because she wants to be carried and swung around like a helicopter. Creyes. Who needs exercise when you’ve got kids??

Okay it’s currently 3 hours later and my little sister actually fell asleep in my mom’s bed after i promised her that i’d come to get her after i finished my bath. I’m kind of relieved because i’m all too aware of my unstable sleeping schedule and i didn’t want her to be kept awake until 4 or 5 a.m. from me tossing and turning or from my usual late night routine since she has to wake up for school tomorrow. But i also feel kind of bad because she was so excited about “sleeping over” with me and she kept repeating “mommy said i can sleep with you for 2 weeks…or a hundred days!” over and over again. I suggested we go to the living room and watch some tv since we clearly couldn’t sleep so i wanted her to burn off some energy but i tried to sneak off to get my phone from my room and she came running after me “wait up, Shy! Wait for me!”, it was so cute and sad at the same time. I feel so bad that i’m not with them as much as they’d like for me to be but with a thirteen and seventeen year age gap between my youngest siblings and i, there’s bound to be some inconsistencies and sometimes i can’t help that i’m leaving the house as soon as they get back from school or i wake up only in time to kiss them goodbye before they go.


Speaking of wasted calories by the way, i’ve been meaning to try out the new craze with honeycomb soft serve ice cream because it’s been popping up everywhere on my instagram feed from people in Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Jakarta and i eventually found out, Brunei! For once Brunei isn’t lagging tooooo far behind. But much to my dismay, i found it to be to completely and utterly repulsive. Even thinking about it now makes my stomach churn in distaste. Anyway i ordered the honeycomb classic off the menu which was $4 and it was… disappointing to say the least. My friend who was with me at the time told me me that someone had tried the chilled cheesecake flavour (which was my second choice but i decided to see what the fuss was about with the honey craze) and it wasn’t good. I wish i had listened to her and gone to Jollibee to get some guaranteed amazing soft serve for like, 50 cents. 



The ice cream was the furthest thing from creamy, in fact, the texture was almost foamy? Do you get what i mean? I didn’t take a good look at it (i was too busy rolling my eyes while trying to finish the whole thing because fact number 1) i hate wasting food, but i feel like had i taken the time to scrutinize it, it would have been filled with tiny holes like in foam which explains that really cheap whipped cream taste to it. But unfortunately, what really takes the cake were the honeycomb pieces in it. It literally and i swear to god, was inedible. My poor friend had to bear witness to me literally spitting out chunks of wax onto tissues the entire time. So why call it honeycomb?? Let’s just be honest and call it, beeswax ice cream because that’s exactly what it was. I would have snapchatted the wax but i was just too disgusted by everything at the time to even think of it. I swear my stomach is churning right now and i feel queasy just thinking about it.

I swear the entire time i was eating it i was reminded of these beeswax candles bcs it literally felt like i was chewing on these after sucking the honey off. I could cry

I actually didn’t have much to talk about when i started on this post but this has turned out to be pretty lengthy after all. But basically this has just been a recap of what i did yesterday. Lol. I did have a few more things to add but everything was just getting so random so i’m going to save that for a new post instead. That’s all for tonight!