Kota Kinabalu road trip! + Mini book reviews + Hotel Buffet Breakfasts = My ideal meal plan

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I didn’t bring my laptop with me after all! I just got back from my four day trip on the road with my boyfriend and i am freaking exhausted. I’m not even sure why i’m so burnt out but i literally got home, said a brief hi to my family, took a quick shower, unpacked my backpack and am currently already in bed. I feel so…jaded all of a sudden and i wasn’t even the one doing all the driving! Although it may have had to do with some bad news i just had or to be more accurate, a “sudden realization that made my heart drop silently to my stomach”, that has me feeling slightly down but still more likely to do with physical exhaustion. There’s something soul-sucking about having to sit on one’s arse for 7-9 hours in a row.

However, Kota Kinabalu was pretty great though! It had tons of new malls plus the currency just made the entire experience about eight times brighter. Usually $10 is equivalent to RM22 but for the past few months, it’s been RM27.30 so that definitely makes a difference in the long run. I didn’t even go there with the intention to shop but it’s good to know that if ever i need my H&M or Sephora fix, the nearest solution without hopping on a plane is only a good seven hour drive away :’) *cries silently* I expected K.K. to be something like Miri and in a way it was but like…an amped up version of Miri with better shopping prospects.

But because i had little to no expectations for K.K., i brought little to no money as well. Hahahaha. However, unfortunately for D my expectations were short-lived and combined with the exceptionally agreeable exchange rate, i did end up getting some bits and bobs. No major buys or anything like that though (not saying i wasn’t tempted– oh Sephora, you’ll be the death of every girl)! Although i did go a little bit crazy at the bookstore looking at all the books i couldn’t get. But i took a deep breath and eventually considered that including the ones i just got, it means that in the past month or so that i’ve been back, i’ve already bought (or shall i grudgingly but gratefully say, D has bought for me) seven books altogether (four of which were great buys as well). NOT EVEN GOING TO REGRET ANYTHING THO BECAUSE I AM SO BLOODY PLEASED WITH WHAT I GOT.

  • Madame fucking Bovary! (I feel like the 2015 film starring Mia Wasikowska deserves its own post on another day when i’ll do it more justice instead of the bleary-eyed state that i’m in at the moment)

  • Look Who’s Back by Timur Vermes (which has been on my list for the past few months!)

Fucking Hitler, that’s who!

  • The Woman who Stole My Life by Marian Keyes (this one was a chance find and i simply could not let it slip through my fingers. M. Keyes is my all time favourite author, and i can say that with full confidence now after owning seven of her novels, and in all bad fan honesty, i had no idea that she had released a new book this year. JUST NO FREAKING CLUE. So stumbling across the last two copies of this book was just a miracle. Now i know how Beyonce’s fans felt. Except this is more intense because Keyes books are usually almost 700 pages long. So it’s just like a really, really long orgasm that you can pause, dog ear and go at it again whenever you want…k #caseclosed)

I was “grumpy” (in D’s words) for like, 80% of the trip and i felt so bad for him every time i simmered back to normal ground 😦 A few times i made conscious efforts to keep myself in check but every time he woke me up from my nap or deep slumber my resolution just fell apart and i went all sour-puss on him again! I don’t even know what we fought about specifically but it was just squabbles (mostly induced by me, unfortunately) about me not being crazy about walking 30 minutes around traffic without a destination in mind– we were looking for restaurants, not an easy feat because D is so picky about these things– and him yelling at me because i didn’t know how to read his stupid map on his phone etc. etc. But on the way home, i felt the need to apologize to him for my behaviour because i know how excited he was about this trip, despite my obvious misgivings and i did feel like my temper may have ruined things for him a bit– though he insists it hasn’t. He’s got the patience of a saint, i’m telling you. I love him with my whooole heart.

We stayed in a different hotel for every day that we were there, nothing too fancy because D wanted to “explore” but still comforting and cocoon-like as hotels tend to be. The Sabah Oriental Hotel was pretty old and traditional with your basic bathtub and a good hearty breakfast (my favourite during the entire stay, in fact) but very backdated in terms of interiors. Soluxe Hotel is badly located on the outskirts of the city (we couldn’t even find a McDonald’s from there outwards and had to settle with a kopitiam for dinner) but has a great modern interior design and a lovely, lovely pool! I heard it was opened very recently so everything is basically brand new. But Ming’s Garden was my favourite of the three! It had a gorgeous pool and lounging area, the design contemporary and bright-eyed. However, the breakfast was lacking because you could definitely tell the management had chosen to prioritize quantity over quality of taste. Which is definitely a no-no in my books.

(Umm i could have sworn i took better photos during the trip because i had my phone in hand like 90% of the time but i just remembered that those were all for Snapchat…so, shit. Here are two measly photos that i actually had saved in my gallery that will have to do!)

Pool area at Soluxe Hotel

Pool area at Soluxe Hotel

Favourite hotel activity: ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE POOL

Favourite hotel activity: ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE POOL

Back to the breakfasts though, i swear i ate freaking four bowls of the lamb curry for breakfast at the Sabah Oriental Hotel. It was absolutely filled to the brim with fatty goodness. It was all Dem could do to not widen his eyes every time i got up to get some more. See, that’s another area where D and I never see eye to eye, i could eat to save an entire country from famine if you put me in front of a buffet while D is more of a “i don’t care how much i paid for this, i will eat my freaking fruit and my measly plate consisting of a single hash brown and grilled tomatoes– and maybe if i’m still peckish– a dainty bowl of pale porridge if i freaking want to”. And then he’ll spend the next half an hour restlessly staring at my never-emptying dish while i luxuriously roam the dining area on my third round.

These Parks and Rec gifs sufficiently describe my attitude towards food during a buffet:

Ron Swanson = Spirit animal

If you asked me if Kota Kinabalu was worth the seven hour drive, i would say…yes? If you’re into road trips and staying awake and keeping the driver company and all that (which unfortunately for all parties involved, i’m not). Also, just bring money dammit. It may not be a shopping hub like Bangkok or Jakarta but for a Bruneian but it has all the “bare necessities” to tide you over til the next proper getaway :’)

But all in all, i had an amazing time and documented almost everything on Snapchat (:SJZRL)! I’m really getting into the roll of things (lol i hate it, i sound like such an old fart) but i still can’t get over how temporary everything is on there! Okay before i start talking about the wonders and blunders of the entire app, i should just stop here and save it for a different post entirely. I’m also pondering on whether i should publish the other version of this post, i initially drafted a grumpier and sulkier one but i didn’t want to put up bad vibes after such a great long weekend cause i feel like it deserves more than a shitty post despite what i just found out. I had a greater time than that so why put it down in the light of someone who doesn’t even consider me worth even sparing a moment’s thought about?

But that’s for another post. That’s all for now! ❤