Packing for a Road Trip! + Motion Sickness?? + Foreign Reading Habits

by alittlehoneyformyheart

So tomorrow is Hari Raya Aidilfitri or as most of you Snapchatters know it as, Eid Mubarak! Being a non-Muslim– and yes, we do exist even in Muslim dominated countries, I can’t count the times foreigners have been shocked and stared at me with disbelief when they found out i was Christian haha– i don’t celebrate it. Although considering 96% of my social circle are made up of Malay Muslims, it’s nearly inevitable to get caught up in the celebrations because there are so many open houses to attend! However, this year my boyfriend and i decided to take advantage of the long public holiday soo we’re going on a road trip tomorrow to Kota Kinabalu (which is right across the border separating Brunei and Malaysia, i thinkkk)!

“Sounds about righttt”

It’s a 6 hour drive just going there and to be quite honest, i’m quite dreading it because everyone who knows me knows how much i detest being in cars for prolonged periods of time. In fact, i hate commuting in any form, be it by car, train, boat, just whatever, it’s such a bore albeit a necessary evil. It’s not so much about the motion sickness (although i do get car sick quite a lot, it’s a fking nightmare and the fishing boats that you have to take in Indonesia just to get to an island are just bleaagh), it’s my fear of cars in general. There’s always going to be at least one asshole who tries to propel everyone off the road but i suspect watching Fast and Furious on the sly without any parental supervision when i was 9 may have had something to do with it. I just don’t get the beauty of road trips or backpacking trips! In the words of world renowned philosopher Miley Cyrus:

Ain’t about how fast I get there Ain’t about what’s waitin’ on the other side It’s the climbbbbbbbb *insert goat bleating gif*

Personally i say, screw the climb! Screw the journey there! If teleporting was an actual thing, i’d definitely be the first to invest. But my boyfriend pleaded with me to go with him and even got his multi-entry visa done within a day, how was i supposed to say no? 😦 I eventually agreed– the both of us pretending like i actually had a choice– and i have to admit, i’m kind of excited! It’s my first time going to K.K. and I’ve even shaved and everything! I don’t think i’ve shaved for the past few months hahahahaha i will never understand why some girls feel the need to shave everything and exfoliate before going out for the night, it’s so dark anyways! But to go swimming in a pool under the unforgiving sun, that’s an occasion that needs a razor. D & I got into an argument again last night but managed to talk it out on the spot, thankfully. And just now he told me that he’d gone out and bought bagloads of my favourite snacks for me to eat while we’re on the road! D’awwww. As a agreeable as we usually are, we’ve always disagreed on one thing though: He thinks it’s the duty of the passenger to stay up and be an extra pair of eyes for the driver. I, on the other hand, was brought up to fall asleep the moment we got into the car by parents who undoubtedly did not want to deal with cranky toddlers and chants of “are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet”. So we’ll just have to agree to disagree but most likely, i expect he’ll be the one doing most of the entertaining to keep me from falling asleep.

I’m such a Ben

I’m still on the fence of whether i should pack my laptop or not since we’re going to be there for a few days. Like, i could do without the extra bag but at the same time i want to be fully entertained at all times. Haha how demanding do i sound though– So i’ve just finished packing, i’m just bringing my generic floral Roxy backpack (i haven’t worn it in months since my classes ended and i’ve missed itttt <3) and my large Le Pliage Longchamp…and maybe my laptop bag idk. It’s 4.45 a.m., D is coming at 7, or so he says, and i don’t think i’ll be sleeping just yet. Plus i just painted my nails and i don’t want to get bed creases on it T.T My book of choice for the next few days is a secondhand Marian Keyes book “Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married” which i found lying around on my bookshelf this afternoon while i was dusting! I always bring a new book with me when i’m going somewhere because i’m so paranoid that if i bring a book that i’m already halfway through, it’s going to finish on me halfway there and then i’ll be bookless. Lol. It’s my first time reading it and as usual i’m excited because she happens to be my all time favourite writer. I pick up her books whenever i see them and i just keep them for a rainy day, sometimes i don’t even touch them for a few months because i enjoy the feeling when i come across one i haven’t read by accident! Lol k i don’t even know what the point of this post is anymore, it’s just so random and drawn out. I literally started five hours ago. I actually planned to queue a post but…doesn’t look like it’s happening…or does it? Okay i should just go now before i start talking about my life story or something. Okay that’s all. That’s all, Shy, that’s all.


P.s. I feel like today will be the day that i officially start using my Snapchat instead of just to stalk people! It feels like the right day to! Add me at Sjzrl ❤