What have i been thinking?? + Dreaming of charming old men + Breaking Bank

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I haven’t been updating for the past few days and i feel terrible about it! I’ve been nursing my eye infection which is turning to be a real pain in the head which means that i have to (well i really should but i tend to play it by eye lol) refrain from using anything close to the eye area like mascara, eye shadow, eye liner which is totally out of the question or even undereye concealer which is crap because my eyes have been so inflamed lately what with all the rubbing and “mucus fishing“.

But uh and this is going to make my eye infection excuse invalid but i’ve also been going out a lot and catching up with friends who are finally home. Now that i’m “officially” back, my social life has single-handedly resuscitated itself and i suppose i no longer have a excuse reason to keep staying in bed all day (other than my eye infection of course lol).

Anyway, i had this really, really weird/exciting(?) dream last night where i dreamt about at least twenty people that i’ve met somehow somewhere through random connections in life. It’s llike those cheesy movies except instead of Bon Jovi in the “New Year’s Eve” movie or Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner in “Valentine’s Day”, it was really random people like the on-set pianist from the talk show that i was working at or an old classmate who i haven’t seen since primary school with her new hideous boyfriend whom i recently stalked on instagram or even one of my boyfriend’s clients who i met during a brief run to his office. And they were all playing random parts such as cooking an entire tray of Szechuan chicken for the class (yes, at one point i was in a grey enclosed classroom with some of the random people and they were serving food), or appearing on phone Skype because i accidentally butt dialed them with my ass or through a partially-menacing prank call which i mistakenly picked up because it was on my phone but it turned out to be for someone else (that i also knew?).

Also, there was this really gorgeous girl that i had a crush on while i was in Jakarta and she was in my dream too! Obviously she was the best part of it all because i was giving her advice after she came to me complaining about how tired she was with her life and how exhausted she’s been lately. So i was just all like, “aww come here, here’s a shoulder to lean on” *hugs, smirks, creepily sniffs hair with flaring nostrils*

I remember towards the end after leaving “class” i was with my family at a mall after which we got separated because i wanted to meet some friends on the ground floor (which happened to be a gorgeous mall in Jakarta, a mixture of Pacific Place and Gandaria City perhaps? With a dash of Changi Airport. It was magical). I found my friends (very random ones i think) at a Best Eastern-ish bookstore (the main yet really crappy/cramped and overpriced chain bookstore that we have here in Brunei) and i remember us standing at the cashier and me writing down the list of books i wanted her to search through the database (which i’m proud to say consisted of some of the actual books from my real life to-read list!) and suddenly there was this random old man carrying this book for the cashier to ring through the register. “A Hundred Foot Journey?” i heard her say and i whipped my head to face the charmingly old guy. “A Hundred Foot Journey? That’s on my list too” i said with a cheesy grin and like we ended up being sort of smitten with each other and he invited me to his niece’s/granddaughter’s book recital, complete with an orchestra or something. I don’t even know, y’guys.

I’m going to say the old man (who was an actor in some movie that i’ve literally spent hours trying to recall) was a cross between this guy and Walter White hahaha

So umm yeah, that’s bascially all i’ve been up to, dealing with pink eye and dreaming of charming old men. Oh and there was this shoe sale and i bought the most amazing nude oxfords (i wanted to say “dress shoes” since they don’t have laces on them but it sounds so hideous i won’t even bother) with a partial acrylic heel. I mean, i know i just got back from one of the cheapest shopping centrals in the world and i don’t think i expected to be going back to spending so soon given my current situation (i.e. mooching off the two men in my life, my dad and my boyfriend, but about 99.8% the latter since my boyfriend told me that when i was gone my dad told him i was “his problem now”. L O L my ever-affectionate family, ladies and gents) but i was on sale, i “forgot” to get any shoes while i was in Indonesia and it was nude. How could i have been any stronger, you guys?

Dear Maisie, when will the day come that i learn how to save successfully and eventually become the millionaire that i always knew that i’d be (through marriage or hardwork, idk it doesn’t matter to me?)

So i’m obviously talking rubbish out of guilt from not being consistent (lol how did i even get to blogging about my new shoes?) so i’m done for tonight. I have a few sassy drafts in my draft box so i’m going to edit them asap (eventhough my sassy posts tend to get less views than any of the others hahaha but you know “you do you”). That’s all! xx