Life is tough when you’re the life of the party *shrugs* + Mucus Fishing???

by alittlehoneyformyheart

So finally most of my friends are back from having undergone their own student exchanges abroad which means ta-dah! I no longer have to be a hermit and pretend that I’m still living the life elsewhere when in reality I’ve been back here for a few weeks now. No one knows the indignity of having to be back in your dingy little home town before everyone else is and having to admit to people that “yes I’ve had a fabulous life and a terrific time while I was there but I wholly accept that I’m back in Snoozeville and now 99.9% of my social outings will revolve around mainstream restaurants and I now have to resort to taking three naps a day to get through my life”.

I’m obviously not like the rest of the homebodies that make up 77.9999% of this country so you certainly won’t find me with my eyes swollen because I’ve been crying in bed about how much I miss home and my family and omg “aku rindu masakan babu” (“I miss my mommy’s cooking”) or “omg I miss babu’s ayam masak merah” “I really, really miss my mommy’s special chicken”)  or some shit like that. We were literally only gone for half a year, y’guys. I don’t think I skyped with anyone at all in the six months that I was gone– okay perhaps two or three times but I swear that was all my boyfriend’s doing and even then I’d delayed that for as long as I could without being eligible for the “worst girlfriend of the year” award. But as soon as it hit the fourth month mark of me being there I kicked in overdrive and firmly insisted on ceasing all Skype activities because “you’re going to see me in less than two months, please don’t be ridiculous and just let me do my thing” to which my darling understanding boyfriend reluctantly agreed to. And that ladies and gentlemen, is the man that I’m going to marry. Someone who understands and accepts the plight of being the partner of the life of the party.

But if I thought being back was bad, well let’s just say things have considerably gone downhill since Ramadhan started (the month of fasting in Brunei) and I have just been wilting into a sweaty mess at home. My activities for the past week and a half consist of little other than laying in bed, sleeping for the first 16 hours of the day and being stuck on my laptop for the remaining, reading (I’ve already gone through four books and I’ve only been back for three weeks so I’m feeling pretty smug because it seems that I’ve prepared well in advance since an entire backpack was dedicated to all the books I’d bought there eventhough everybody made a fuss and told me they’d weigh a ton at the airport).

I’ve also been nursing an eye infection lately and i’ve had the most disgusting symptoms (please google “mucus fishing“. And please note i said google, not youtube, unless you’re in the mood for a good session of vomiting your guts out). I don’t feel like going to the doctor since it’s quite sporadic anyway and plus i had the same thing in January right before i flew off so i’m just going to do what i do best and wait it out.

Also, a lot of my reading has to do with me working on my writing because somehow, deep down, i feel like i was meant to write a book. Not being dramatic or anything. And loike not to brag or anythiiiing *pops chewing gum and twirls hair* i totally wrote a 180 page “book” when i was fifteen based on my first relationship and a guy whom i had a massive, massive crush on. Although…i encrypted the document too well and then my computer PC broke down…and i completely lost the entire thing. But you know, it’s fine, talent won’t go anywhere, i can always just spurn out another book whenever i want to. It’s just currently taking some time to develop and work on itself…


Okay i promised myself i would go to sleep on time today and get my body clock back on track eventhough it’s currently already 3.45pm. I really, really need to do this! I was awake a total of FIVE hours the entire yesterday, guys. FIVE hours in which i ate two meals, texted my boyfriend that i was still alive and breathing, showed my face to my family to make sure they wouldn’t panic and kick my bedroom door down and then promptly went back to bed. That’s all!