Getting my septum pierced! (pt. 1)

by alittlehoneyformyheart

During my last month in Bandung, Indonesia, i decided to devise this little scheme called “YOLO month” (very legit sounding, i know)! Along with white water rafting, riding a motorcycle, ice skating and visiting all the cafes and restaurants that i’d always wanted to but left to the last minute, i also finally got my septum pierced! I’ve wanted one for a considerably long time but never really did much about it untillll my final week of classes when i felt safe enough because i knew i wouldn’t be going to campus much or meeting my lecturers.


So that’s me in the back gleefully holding on to dear life. Best. Decision. Ever.

Before that, i’d thought long and hard about getting it done. Some people tried talk me into getting a basic nose ring instead but i obviously objected considering i’d already done that during my “crazy” teenage years and it had actually lasted me six years, i kid you not. So to do it again for the sake of having a new piercing just felt a bit faux pas to me! Plus, i knew i wanted a septum anyway and i was going to have. it. done. Also because it’s crazy cheap to get it done in Indonesia compared to in Brunei (actually, i’m not even sure if i know of any places in BSB that get it done tbh). It only cost me $18! Not exactly “professionally” done but it was at a well-known chain jewelry store called D’Paris which has more than a few branches in Jakarta and Bandung.

Anyway, I put it off and put it off until, like i said, my final week of classes when i gradually built up the courage to do it at Paris Van Java. While i’m not exactly a rookie with gun piercings, the thing that made me the most nervous was the fact that by hook or by crook, it had to be done with a needle! Creyes. Until now since i was eight,every single time they pierce Annie’s ears in The Parent Trap, i still have to freaking close my eyes, that’s how badly i take to pain! Eugh

So on the day itself, i started out optimistic enough and then over lunch my conversation skills drastically deteriorated and i grew quiet. Walking into the store, i asked one more time if they could get it done with a gun instead but they politely told me no. Again. Because i had been there a couple of times before asking the same question as well. And then i asked them if they had any modern nose rings because they only had the basic lame ones! You know, the really thick goth looking ones? I was angling for something more dainty like this, this or this.

“Ain’t nobody gonna call me a cow!”

But they didn’t. So i settled for the smallest possible one in plain ol’ silver. But noooo. As soon as the piercing process began, i started freaking the fuck out and so did everyone else in the store, including my piercer. It was so bloody excruciating, about fifty times more painful that i ever imagined it would be. And oh my god, the time that it took just through loop my piercing through my nose! It took AT LEAST three minutes– AT LEAST! To think that before she started, everyone was all, oh no it doesn’t hurt at all, this won’t take long, just zip in zip through zip out…and then we put the piercing in but that’s easy as pie! Pie my ass. I screamed and i coughed and i cried and i yelled and i grabbed and i pinched (my own thigh). Everything possible to distract my brain from the agony in the middle of my face. I would actually upload the video but i don’t think that’s anyone’s cup of tea especially if you’re actually considering getting one.

After everything was done, i refused to open my eyes. My face was sopping wet and i could only imagine how much blood i had lost. But when i finally did, three things surprised/shocked me. 1) There was no blood at all, in fact, the puddle that was my face merely consisted of my tears, my snot, my sweat and somehow my saliva and 2) The piercing i had picked was nowhere to be seen in my nose and in its place was the furthest thing that i wanted. It was a horseshoe, multi-coloured like a watery oil slick and it freaking had SPIKES. Oh and 3) It was lopsided as fuck.

To say i was fuming mad is to be vague. I was furious. But at the same time, i couldn’t blame her because i myself knew that i had been fidgeting way too much. Apparently, the one that i had picked (which she actually green lighted) turned out to be too small to fit in which explains why it took longer than expected since she was trying to ram it in but it wouldn’t fit so eventually she took it out and amidst the screams picked up the first one that she saw which was…idk super poklen IMO) But eugh the realization that i had endured so much pain to be rewarded with a clearly lopsided piercing was just too much to handle.

I went home and googled “lopsided septum piercings” and thank God, it’s actually much more common than i thought it would be. While it looks the most obvious with a horseshoe ring, it evens out with a normal captive circle ring and becomes hardly noticeable as seen from Reddit user (merveillesangel) before and after pictures.

It has been about a month and a half and i still love my piercing, i don’t regret it at all, not even the pain that i had to endure for it! (Side story: An hour later the pain was mostly gone but i still felt a slight tightness in my nose which is of course, to be expected. But it was just so painful and traumatizing that i just had to have myself a nice, long cry in bed when i got home. In fact, my boyfriend called me and i sobbed the entire time. And then i proceeded to sob even harder as i told him that i wouldn’t be able to go through childbirth in the future, like i simply couldn’t imagine going through something life-threatening like that after the pain i had been through that afternoon for that stinking THREE minutes. Lol i wish i was kidding but i was dead serious, guys. He didn’t take it too well but handled it like a man anyway hahaha).


Not too shabby, right?

I think i may do another post on how my septum piercing has affected my day to day life in the near future…but that’s all for tonight! Sorry for such a lengthy one, just so much feelings! Lol