WARNING: DRUNKEN RAMBLING AHEAD (May or may not make sense)

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I can’t believe he used free drinks as a bribe to keep us quiet.

Like, i may be slightly intoxicated but that does not allow me to ignore the fact that he actually asked to keep quiet if we keep on wanting to get free drinks at the club.

Like, okay, cool, he owns an important share of the club and he may be part-owner which means frequent and continuous access to the club whenever we want to even on a crowded Friday night but duuuude, to think that you actually think that you can buy our silence with your promises to supply us with free drinks while you exchange saliva with our mate right beside our bed while we’re supposedly “sleeping” is a fucking cheap move.

And i know i’m not really anyone and i know that your connections could do a lot for us in the long run but, man, for a guy with shitloads of money and endless connections, that’s really fucking low of you.

I know i’m not one to talk and all considering i call myself an “avid writer/reader” and yet here i am at 5 a.m. slightly drunk and heavily relying on auto-grammar correct to get me through this post, but i am just thoroughly disgusted that you think that we need your free flow of alcohol and recognition that badly in order to have a good time.

Fuck you, man, i can buy my own drinks.

I can have my own good time!

Screw you.

And i know i may be reading the words out loud as i type while watching reruns of “Sheriff Callie” on Disney Junior and singing along to the banjo solos, considering i’m not exactly at my best form but darn it, i am a proud woman with high expectations and self-ambition!

And i know i pre-drank before i entered the club because i’m kinda on a budget (i.e. no money to spare for alcohol to get drunk on), plus i also have leftover soju from our last drinking session, which i guess is kinda pretty lame but eugh, the audacity of you!

Also okay, so my eyes are half-closed and i’m kinda scared to fall asleep in case i wake up with a crashing hangover and a truckful of hateful comments but EUGH. You scum!

P.s. Not saying i wouldn’t appreciate easy access into the club whenever i want to though, plus a free flow of Jaeger bombs all night, because like, i totally would.

But eugh. You dodgy.

Although i did leave in quite a huff because i was just so disgusted with sounds of your lips smacking together while you know i’m supposed to be sleeping on the next bed but mostly i’m just nastied out by myself, that i actually allowed it to happen. Also, i know i’ve snored about three times since i started typing this out but i still have my pride dammit!