It’s a Norah Jones kinda night

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Listening to ^ as i’m typing this very belated post out. Accurately sums up what i’m feeling right now.

It’s currently 5 a.m. and i’m finally settled in bed. I feel sorry for this space for keeping it empty for so long, in fact i almost feel ashamed to see how bare i’ve left it for the past three months. I’m even more scared to see my follower count and i’m actually averting my eyes to avoid seeing my view counts. Life in Bandung has changed for me and i’ve very much warmed up to my life here. I don’t really yearn for Jakarta as much as i did when i first arrived, i know that it’s my happy place and i know that it’ll be there waiting for me to go back to whenever i need an escape but for now Bandung is pretty much home for me. Despite how difficult it is to find taxis here and how i don’t really have a place to wear my fancy outfits to or do my hair for, i love the simplicity of my day to day routine. It’s definitely not as fancy as my life in Jakarta but at the same time, i get by with the bare minimum. Life is simple here but not boring, definitely not boring. Maybe it’s because a new batch of friends whom i actually share common interests with has arrived so i finally have a chance to be exposed to the other side of Bandung (i.e. nightclubs and bars), one which i actually really and truly enjoy.

I love my life here, i love how i live in an apartment building with all my friends so i get my own space but i also know i don’t have to be alone if i don’t want to be, i love that it’s so simple to get around here even on ghetto public transport, i love how the night never ends young and that you never have to go home feeling empty at 10pm because all the shops have closed and you have nowhere to go to but back to your own house. The bars here have a different feel than the ones in Jakarta and i can’t even describe it, they’re big and airy and beautiful and everything else that you’d never expect of a bar. Jakarta has all my favourite fancy restaurants at the tip of my fingers but i’d say that Bandung has its fill of amazing watering holes. But my point is, i don’t want to go back.

Typical of me, i know.

But there you go, that’s why i haven’t been updating my blog as much as i want to. I just want to savour every moment i have here, even if it’s just laying down in bed and watching my tv in peace, i know i won’t have the leisure to do so when i’m back home since: a) i don’t have cable tv in my room and b) my room back home doesn’t even come close to being as relaxing as my room here. Hell, i haven’t even gone on a youtube binge since i got here because you know how people say “you can sleep when you’re dead”? Yeah, i have that same kind of mentality except it’s more of “you can youtube binge til you’re blue in the face when you’re back in Brunei where there are no bars or clubs or karaoke lounges to speak of”. On a side note, it’s funny how much i hoard all kinds of shit in my room in Brunei because i insist that i’m going to need that brochure one day or that i’m going to magically come across the other half of my earring that fell into the sink or that i’m going to repair the shoe with only half a sole attached to it. But i came here with two suitcases and i’m doing just fine with what i have.

I do hope to be able to log on here and fill you guys in with at least some of the events that have occurred so that i can read back and reflect accurately instead of reminscing a blurred and inaccurate interpretation of what happened a few months back.

But i highly doubt it.

Either way, i’ll be back here soon! ❤