Hideous green houses + Seeing sense in sensible granny sweaters + Extremely long weekend wasted

by alittlehoneyformyheart

11 a.m.: Currently just sat down on the third floor common room, with this view in front of me.


Much gloom, such misery

I love that we have such a great rooftop spot to chill on (including another steeper one right on top of the literal roof) but i don’t love that puke green house that is an eyesore. It’s hideous and it completely impedes the view (which if i’m being completely honest, isn’t all that great in the daytime because of it). Lol i actually wanted to be all self-reflectory and sit on the patio itself with my laptop but it started drizzling so i just have to be content with these communal velvet chairs. Lol

I knew Bandung would be cold because tons of people warned me about it but was nowhere expecting it to be like “sweater weather 24/7” sort of cold, especially since it’s raining season now. I’ve been here all of a week and i’ve already bought three sweaters and one cardigan and believe me, sweaters are really usually not my thing (umm they make me look twice my size like a walking snowball) since there’s also rarely use for them in the Bruneian equatorial weather. I pride myself on my love for the cold but damn son, those granny hand-knitted sweaters be all the rage in my wardrobe right now.

Don’t judge, Bridget. It’s very practical!

12.58 a.m.: Earlier today the guy came in to fix my television! Weeeee! Cause instead of taking it out of my rent which is like $30 extra per month, my boyfriend talked some sense into me and managed to convince me to let him buy a television instead since he calculated that it would cost around the same price and i’d get to keep it in the end as well. Pretty smart eh? Well idk if the joke’s on me or not since i’ll be the one dealing with it when i leave Bandung but for now, i’m just glad it’s finally working! Initially no one could get it to work because there was something wrong with the antenna so they told me to wait while they got in touch with the service provider but i waited and waited an entire week and still nothing. I even considered that they were delaying the repairs since i chose to bring my own tv instead of renting one of theirs but lol no.

I don’t think i have plans for the weekend yet…sadly enough. I purposely avoided signing up for any modules on Friday so i’ll be able to start my weekend early (like, really early cause my Thursday classes end by 11am HEE) but at this point, it’s driving me crazy having so much time on my hands and having no way to fill them. Everything just feels so uncertain right now, i’m not sure if i’m pms-ing or if like the rest say, it’s still too early to go exploring yet or if this is really just a part of the process settling down. But i dislike this feeling of being on the edge…it feels oddly disconcerting. Almost too comfortable to the point of discomfort because i don’t fancy the idea of making this whole “staying in and going to the same two malls every other day” ordeal into a norm. I wish i could say that same for the people i’m with but i can’t. All i can say right now is that these people are legit homebodies and i’m…not really.

Okay i’m getting sort of sleepy but you know, since i have no plans anyway, i’ll most likely start watching Downton Abbey again. That’s all for now! xx