Fashion classes + Making friends + Ibu ibu grocery shopping

by alittlehoneyformyheart

3:03 pm: Just got back from “Fashion History” class! I was really quite pleasantly surprised that fashion courses are offered as part of the syllabus. I absolutely love it but the lecturer is a total snoozeball, like how can you make fashion sound so boring?! He droned on and on and he took 5 second pauses in between sentences which meant that a lot of the time i’d already forgotten the first part of what he was saying.

Basically me during early morning classes

So far i’ve only attended two classes since my supervisor only got back to me mid-week which meant that by then i’d already missed the classes on Monday and Tuesday. Currently, as exchange students we’re still in the “window shopping” phase considering this is like our trial week so we get to attend any class that we’re interested in then decide on which ones we can cope with and which ones are a total snoozefest and need to be skipped. And i don’t want to sound braggy or anything but i’m totally proud of my grasp on the Indonesian language. I feel so fluent that it has almost evolved into second language for me whereas if a local had asked me a question less than a year ago, i would’ve cowered behind my boyfriend or thrusted Google translate into their faces.

About making friends though, it has been interesting so far, i’ve figured out weirdly enough that it’s much more easier for me to make friends when i’m surrounded with my own friends. Lol. Perhaps it just gives me that extra boost of confidence or maybe i’m just more comfortable with that idea that i have backup with me if the whole socializing thing doesn’t work out. I didn’t really make friends in “Fashion History” class just now but…oh well, if worse comes to worst, i can always remind myself that i’m here to study anyway.

So i’m now just yeah, just chilling on the toilet seat. I feel like lately my favourite spot to type on is in the toilet. It’s great that it’s en suite so i can just leave the door open and let the aircon in (note to self on future house: always have air-condition in the toilet). My friend (one of the other exchange students also from Brunei) wanted us to have lunch together and since i didn’t want to offend her eventhough i’d already eaten my fried rice in my room so i went down to the ground floor kitchen and cooked myself some instant macaroni and cheese (if there was any excuse to be a fat ass this would be it). So now she wants us to head out to a supermarket to get some groceries.

I’m not even exaggerating when i say that these girls are not kidding when they say “groceries”, nu-uh they’re not using it in a loose young adult way like i do when i use it as code for “snacks, instant noodles and chicken nuggets”, these girls mean business– as in full blown raw whole chicken, vegetables, fruits, tinned food, fish etc. Meanwhile i just like to sleep. Like, i just want to take a nap in my comfy bed in the best weather than Indonesia can offer (fyeah Bandung FTW!) and not go out for the next 24 hours. That’s what i need.

And that’s what i’m going to do now.

I thought i was going to write a pms-fueled rant but this turned out to be a more serene post than i imagined. Lol. Maybe i just needed a breather from people. If they do successfully end up dragging me out of bed for grocery shopping today, at least i can stock up on Baskin Robbins’ caramel praline cheesecake. YASSSSSSS