Helloa from Bandung! + Solo traveling woes + Apartment troubles

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I actually wrote a post before this but decided to remove it just because i felt like it was very half-arsed and badly done and i’d rather take a break from my writing streak *suppreses a sob* rather than forcing myself to put something out just for the sake of updating my home page.

In case, it isn’t clearrrrr. I’ve already reached Bandunggggg! Wiheeeeeee

I totes had to travel on my own this time and eugh that was a major bitch because i’m so used to having my boyfriend push and pull me in every direction “immigration here” “give your boarding pass there” “passport, immigration form here okay you can go shopping now” — lol i know i sound so dependent but it’s really convenient for me traveling with someone else. It’s not that i’m not capable of doing so (i’ve traveled on my own before this) but because i’m so babied all the time by my boyfriend, i just sort of ease into taking orders from someone else without ever bothering to find out on my own. So this was great as it gave me a chance to sort things out on my own and figure shit out despite there being a few moments of mild anxiety and frustrated texts exchanged.

Like when one of my two luggages got lost during my transit at Singapore Changi airport and i was the only one left standing at the carousel.


*tumbleweeds tumbleweeds cricket cricket* HELLO, IS MY LUGGAGE IN THERE?

Like, what are the freaking odds of it happening to me? A solo passenger with highly bimbotic tendencies who’s making a move from one country to another. Like, the universe could have picked anyone. Anyone. But anyway thank God it was just a slight error. At the beginning i was freaking out because the baggage attendant told me that “oh it’s just a mistake your luggage has already gone to Bandung since that’s your main destination” but in my head, she has no evidence whatsoever and i didn’t want her to just wash her hands off my situation. So i finally left for the SilkAir counter which was my next airline and i told them and i turns out that the mistake was that the luggage i had with me should have never come out in the first place, as in BOTH of them should have gone straight to Bandung. But the thing is no one had ever told me that! Oh wells.

But i’m absolutely in love with Changi airport though. Everything is so bright and shiny and beautiful and requires so much money. Lol. In the end i did get a school bag during my three hour transit which wasn’t nearly enough time because the gate opened at 2.50 and at 2.40 i was still caught up at Charles and Keith (which btw was fucking cheap euuuugh i didn’t get anythingggg).


In the end i settled for a large Longchamp Le Pliage in all black which will fit in all my books and folders nicely. I love it! Just a tad too huge for everyday use but whatevs. Lol such a shitty pictures! But i was just soo freaking tired. Two unconnecting flights later and 30 kgs of combined baggage weight (not including my other 7kgs from my hand carry i had to lug around) a disastrous arrival at Bandung airport which was rundown, crowded and had a baggage carousel the length of my bed and another 2 hours of looking for the apartment with my ex-colleague who had picked me up from the airport, i finally found the place i’m staying at. WHEW.

To be honest, i actually had really low expectations for my first night because of how i wasn’t really “getting along” with the people that i was supposedly supposed to go to Bandung with. Just a lot of miscommunication, misunderstandings and misconceptions. In my head, i was literally going to be on my own during the entire night (with no pillows or bed sheets because they were still back in Jakarta) probably ordering some pizza and eating in a silent room with only my laptop for company while the others were out having fun and ignoring their phones. But it turns out that they’re a really nice bunch of people (who have their flaws as humans are prone to) who were really nice to me and came to pick me up and carry my things from the lobby. They even waited for me to have dinner before leaving the house so that was great. Reality vs. expectations worked out for the better in this case!

I know if some of you read the post before this i was kind of bitchy and standoffish about the whole thing but i guess how i feel about everything relies heavily on my mood. Hahahaha. Anyway i’m going to head down (after finishing my Simpsons episode) and hang out with the others while waiting for our food deliveries to arrive. The place is pretty great for gathering and hanging out, it’s called the Rooftop since it has this amazing huge rooftop and an even better roof right on top for a better view overlooking the city. There are 63 rooms altogether so there’s lots of space for chilling and yet not too packed that it gets stifling. But what do i know, it’s only been five days. Lol ask me again in a month!

Been planning lots of trips down to Jakarta because Bandung is great for the weather and all but i know Jakarta better and i feel like it has my best interests at heart. Better taxis, better clubs, better bars, better restaurants, just all round better. Looking for taxis has been an absolute bitch so far, i’m just so over it. The place that i’m staying at is great but at the same time, not so great because it’s so far in in this posh neighborhood that taxis hardly go in there, no food carts, no restaurants and we have to walk all the way out to the main road to access any shops. Creyes.

Okay this is turning into an essay. I’ve actually been writing this since 1pm right after i woke up… it’s currently 8.15pm hahaha. Stupid interruptions, stupid rain. More in my next post about my sprained ankle and my new uni for an entire semester!

That’s all for now! xx