Superstitious and not just cause i’m Asian + Rush rush rush + Aiming for best girlfriend OTY award

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Today is the day before i fly off! I’m so superstitious in the sense that you would never catch me saying something like, “today is my last day” because i feel like it’s bad luck. You catch what you throw but like, you never know when the universe might misunderstand you and literally grant you whatever it is you’ve just said. For example, if someone were to say, “give me a last hug before i go” like you could literally be giving your last. hug. ever. Creyes. Or maybe it’s just my Asian roots showing. Lol

It’s currently 5.25 a.m. and i’m really gearing up for a long, long day ahead tomorrow filled with last minute errands, a last minute lunch date, lots of packing and a fair amount of photocopying documents. Oh and lots of driving around but i don’t mind that bit, i love driving (even if being a passenger scares the hell out of me sometimes) plus i won’t be doing any driving where i’m going so i’m going to savour that bit. Oh and scratch that “lots of packing” bit, i don’t plan on bringing shitloads of things other than the bare necessities because well, i learnt my lesson the hard way the last time. Lol. I feel like the more old clothes i bring with me, the less new ones i bring back because seriously, i thought i did lots of shopping while i was doing my internship in Jakarta but when i came back i realized how completely untrue and inaccurate i was.

But then again, knowing myself, “bare necessities” will still mean four different perfumes, five different cleansing waters/ oils/ creams/ wipes/ balm and some old face moisturizers that i tell myself i’ll finish over there.

“I fucking hate packing.”

I actually had two paragraphs written about something to do with my relationship with my boyfriend but i got so embarrassed halfway through that i’ve decided to deposit it into my draft box and just let it simmer there for a bit before i go back and review it…and see if i still feel comfortable divulging to that saucy extent. HAHAHA.

I’m going to sleep nowwwww because i actually planned to wake up at 9 a.m. (eventhough it’s already 5.51 a.m. lolz) to cook some garlic fried rice for Demsie since he loves the one from the Japanese restaurant that we frequent. Then i’m going to wrap up his Valentine’s present then head to his staffhouse and leave it with his neighbor so she can surprise him with it on the actual day since i won’t be in Brunei on the actual day. Then i’m going to call up my uncle and confirm that he can give away one his newborn puppies to Demitri once they start to get on their feet and open their eyes because i’m so terrified he’s going to mope when i’m there. He can be so so mushy at times.

But i’m actually so proud of myself for getting his present so early though because i usually really, really suck at gifting anyone with anything. Last year during my birthday, he managed to get an entire vase of flowers as well as my gift  delivered right to my room while he was in Brunei and i was in Jakarta and then he did it again for our anniversary. And uh…both times i failed to think of anything to reciprocate in anyway. Shitty me.

But i plan on being more organized this year (i think) which is why i bought it the moment i got my allowance from the university this afternoon. Weeeeee.

Okay no really, i’m going to sleep now. Goodnight! That’s all. xx

P.s. I just read through this post and it is just here and there and everywhere in terms of structure and content. Haha. I don’t even think i had anything in mind when i started typing tbh. I didn’t even plan to post anything tonight at all because like every other night, i thought i’d be sensibly getting a good night’s rest to prepare for the long, long two days ahead of me.