Breaking my “Strictly Sushi” rule + Binge watching “The Simpsons” + Make yourself worthwhile

by alittlehoneyformyheart

5:06 p.m.: My boyfriend is coming to pick me up in about 20 minutes and here i am in front of my laptop with a pre-streamed Simpsons episode and unwashed hair. I hope we’re going for sushi though! Like, not Sushi Tei because i am sick of that place (just kidding, i’ll still go if you ask me) but i’m really craving Excapade’s mini salmon mayo! And like i mentioned before in one of my earlier posts, while Jakarta holds a special place in my heart, there’s really not much to say about the selection of sushi they have! I know they have lots of bento places but i’m more into the sushi aspect of Japanese food and i really find that all the countries i’ve been to so far lack a lot in that area. Like, i legitly would recommend people to come to Brunei if only to try out the sushi. That’s it. The rest is…well, you’ll see.

Update: Yassss i just got home and we did eat sushi! So good. Never gets old for me. But because i was literally starving, i broke my “strictly sushi” rule and ordered a “main” to start with so i wouldn’t overeat or over-order. Cause it happens!


Cha soba! Or was it zaru soba? Absolutely delicious and refreshing all at once!


I know it looks so bland! Like, you wouldn’t think this was the star of the show but i’m just so freaking sleepy, i CBA to do anything other than throw in a few filters over it. But anyway, presenting (in the middle) mini salmon mayo!

3:03 a.m.: I have been crazy binge watching The Simpsons since afternoon! I don’t even remember the last time i watched this amazing/stupid/amazingly stupid show. It’s not as great as i remember it but it’s still pretty good! There were some jokes in it that made me wrinkle my nose and i don’t know if that’s owing to me being (only slightly) more mature than when i last watched it or if they changed the style of script or idk maybe it’s always been like that. But like i said, still great tho.

I’m supposed to wake up at 8:40 but i’ve been writing so many drafts since two nights ago, i just feel like i should actually post something instead of binning it. It’s weird and i think i mentioned this earlier somewhere but when i type something down like in a rough draft, sometimes when i go back to it i feel cold and oddly detached to it. Like somehow, it’s no longer relevant to me. So in typical verbal diarrhea fashion, i’m just going to empty out my brain and post it up on the internet for the whole world to see.

Tomorrow, a.k.a. in a few hours time, at 9.30/10am i’ll be meeting a friend for breakfast and then some others for lunch in the afternoon. Since i’m leaving in about two days time, i’ve been quite frantic these past few days with making plans and trying to squeeze everyone into my packed schedule and allocate a proper amount of time to each person. But then i was thinking about it this afternoon and… i stopped. Like, i’m only leaving for a few months, why should i have to track down every single person to have quality time with? Shouldn’t they be the ones texting me and trying to fit themselves into my schedule since understandably i’m the one with the limited time? It’s not a competition over who loves who more or anything but at the same time, i have my own family, i have a clingy boyfriend, let me assure you that there are plenty of other ways that i could be spending my time on other than on my phone making tentative plans with everyone else.


And while we’re at it, as mentioned above, if i’m going to be using my limited time on you, it had better be damn worth my while because if not i am going to be p i s s e d. If you’re thinking of showing up in a bad mood or not make conversation or like just be annoying in general, then i am literally going to cut it short and fill my time with someone who i know is not going to make me wish i had stayed home to watch “Frozen” for the 700th time with my little sister.

Anyway, i’m literally sitting on the toilet while typing this right now because my tummy feels so…disturbed 😦 I guess it’s because The Simpsons wasn’t the only thing i binged on today… 😥 I didn’t eat at all during the day time (other than a handful — okay, a few handfuls) of Froot Loops until dinner time when i ate loads of sushi and then begged my boyfriend to take me to the night market to get me some mashed banana fritters…where i also bought some “sago cakes” with shitloads of colouring and tasted like it was boiled in banana/rose syrup (good for the tastebuds but terrible for consumption). So yeah my tummy feels completely bloated and poop-y not that anything is coming out. I took an “Antangin” pill which is holy grail status for the Indonesians cause it’s quite possibly trapped air but I DON’T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE

I think i should end this post here and continue on another one and queue that one cause this here is turning into an essay.

That’s all for now! xx