To go or not to go? + Strange parental behavior + I love “Serial”!

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I decided not to head to the hospital to check up on my eyes (like i said i would lol) because my dad told me that even if i went, it would only be to make an appointment which would take place sometime within the next month or so, or at the very least, a few weeks. And like, while i thank God that in this country we have free medical healthcare so all i have to pay is a dollar every time i head to the hospital (including medicine) but still, the waiting that we have to do doeeee.

So i decided it wasn’t worth the wait and eventhough my boyfriend offered to pay for me to go to a private clinic, my parents and i had this debate because they said that my eyes are like that only because i haven’t been having enough sleep and i’ve been off schedule with my sleeping patterns and how my room is filled with dust mites irritating my eyes and yadayadayada. And since it’s my dad’s birthday, i backed down and let myself be swayed into taking a nap with a warm towel on my eyes because it “improves blood circulation around the eyes”. Oh and my mom handed me this random allergy pill “just in case it’s an allergy or something.” “And if it’s not an allergy?” “Just take it.” K.

It’s so weird because usually parents are the ones overreacting and like fussing over their kids so you have those kind of normal parents… and then you have mine. I could be showing symptoms of Ebola and my mom would still tell me to “take an panadol”. And all through my childhood, every single ailment i have had, be it a migraine, fever or food poisoning was always a consequence of, according to my very Asian father:

  • a) not having enough sleep
  • b) not drinking enough water or
  • c) having a dirty room

I guess that’s probably why i’m so stubbornly optimistic when it comes to things like these, it’s almost like my “kampung” genes kicking in! And weirdly enough, they do come to pass eventually. Which explains why i’ve waited almost an entire month just to consider going to a doctor…only to cancel at the last minute. My dad was all like, “do you trust me or not?” and since i would be the worst daughter on earth to tell my father that i don’t trust him on his very own birthday, i listened to him and went to take a nice, long satisfying nap with a warm towel on my eyes. Except i cheated and listened two episodes of the Serial podcast before actually falling asleep. HAH


I’ve never really leaned towards podcasts before this mostly because it seemed to me like such a hipster-ly habit, like i always dismissed it as a yuppie thing. But one of my favourite youtubers mentioned it and the way she talked about it made me really curious because apparently a lot of people were unhappy with how it ended or something but she was like, “how are you surprised when all this time the narrator has always been very iffy about every single thing?”. So i gave it a shot and i have to say, it’s really starting to grow on me! I’m currently on my fourth episode although i don’t get a chance to listen to it very much since i’m always so bent on making the most out of every minute– just sitting around and listening to it would make me restless. But at the same time if i were to, say, paint my nails or listen to it in the car while driving, i obviously would lose focus a million times throughout.

So i guess it only makes sense that i listen to it whenever i’m down with a bad case of the pink eye and absolutely have to stay still.

Okay i actually had another unfinished paragraph here talking about my dad’s birthday dinner but i feel like it would just end up being too long winding to cram all in one post since i’m already at 700 words! Like, I always make it a point to try and stay around the 500 mark and like steer clear off the 1000. Plus, i feel so migraine-y! And i still have four youtube videos streaming. Bahahaha i’m such a stubborn donkey. And what would any blog post be without a time mark; It’s currently 4.11am and i have to get up at 9 to meet some friends. Yay me

That’s all! xx