Quality time overdose + Self diagnosed pink eye + “Why are we doing this to ourselves?”

by alittlehoneyformyheart

It’s now 8.10am and i just got back from my best friend’s place and it’s so funny how when we’re together, it’s never just a lunch out or a quick dinner or just a movie, it always ends up taking up the entire day and more. So yesterday we were supposed to go swimming but the indoor pool that we usually go to was closed because the woman said something about the pool having technical difficulties and draining on its own? Like, how freaking creepy is that? I don’t want to get into a pool and then get suctioned into a drain like we’re in some cheesy scene from Final Destination.

So in the end we just decided to head back to her place and watch a movie while eating takeout. And then a movie turned into a movie, 3 episodes of AHS:Freakshow, 2 Victoria Secret shows and (a partridge in a pear tree?) eventually one of Audrey Hepburn’s lesser known films. I drew the line at the last one and fell asleep but since it’s my dad’s birthday decided not to go on full sleepover mode (not like i had a change of clothes anyway unless you count my swimsuit) and woke up at 6am to leave. It was freezing cold though and super muggy since it was raining on and off all night.

Leaving the house and making my way back home at that hour sort of felt like a “walk of shame” though! Eventhough all i did was stay up and watch movies with my best friend, i felt so crummy and unkempt whenever i caught a look in the rearview mirror– which happened more than i could keep track of because i got stuck in traffic! At 6am! Whutttt.

But seeing how congested the schools were with groggy and cranky parents dropping off their equally groggy and cranky offspring really made me appreciate what my mum used to do for me back in high school (she still does it everyday though for my younger siblings and i worry about her everyday). Getting up at such an ungodly hour to throw together an edible breakfast that sometimes gets ignored and then groggily drive your kids to school in your pajamas every single morning takes a lot of love and commitment, no matter how grudging it is.

Which also made me think though, why do we do this to ourselves? I watched parents stopping at traffic lights and kids getting out of the cars to walk the rest of the way to school so that their parents didn’t have to drive all the way in (my mum never did that with me though, she always wanted to make sure i wasn’t late and that i didn’t have to walk so far) and thought… why the fuck are we all getting up so early?

Who the hell set up this standard of having to start classes or start work at 7.30 in the freaking morning? WHO. AND WHY. How much harm would there be if school and work started at 10am? I just don’t get why there’s such a need to put ourselves through this. No one likes getting up that early, no one is enjoying this. Plus i’m sure people’s minds would work so much more efficiently if they were given ample time to sleep in and wake up properly.

But anyway i got stuck in traffic and to make things worst, i reached home, ready to sneak in (since my parents frown upon me sleeping over anywhere), only to find that someone had bolted the door from the inside. LIKE WTF. So i had no choice but to call my mum then and sheepishly tell her to come down and open the door for me which warranted a whole “gal. Did you just arrive home? It’s 7 o’clock, you know. You are a gal” *mumbled in groggy Asian accent*

So now i’m finally in bed, contemplating whether i should head to the hospital later in the afternoon cause my eyes hurt like a bitch. I think i mentioned earlier that i have self-diagnosed pink eye/conjunctivitis. THAT WAS FOUR WEEKS AGO. They still burn! I mistakenly thought that it would have died down by now. Obviously not. This afternoon my right eye was hurting so badly that i considered not driving but i was already on the highway so i had to make do with swiping it every 30 seconds with a tissue paper to adsorb the tears leaking out. It was especially annoying because it was itching in a really painful sort of way and not just your typical itch that can be rubbed away with a knuckle. And the worst part was that i got so annoyed and rubbed it so much that my tear ducts started burning like hell because they were so freaking raw. FUCK. I couldn’t touch my eye the entire day without it stinging like mad.

But the thing is, i’m not sure if i’m up to waking up. And going to the hospital is such a boring adult thing to do on my own. Bleagh.

Lol it’s ironic because i was just talking in a post about how i was having such a “subtly good day” and suddenly i’m describing a “mildly shitty day” (other than me spending lots of great quality time with my best friend). You win some you lose some, i guess. That’s all for now! x