Awkward conversations (part 8972)

by alittlehoneyformyheart

So the other day i bumped into a few friends of mine at the latest dessert place that just opened around a week ago or so. The thing about this country that i’m from is that, it is so quaint that if there’s a new place in town, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll bump into every old “friend” of yours and their grandmother.

Anyway, i catch the eye of some casual acquaintances and i head over to their table to talk to them. See, the problem with me is that i avoid unnecessary or unintentional socializing at all costs. But the even bigger problem is that i’m so fucking good at it that i can’t help but get embroiled in all sorts of small talk with all kinds of people (don’t get me wrong though, it’s not like i go everywhere saying hi to people and striking conversations all around for the sake of being a fake bitch, i do get pleasantly surprised as well sometimes!).

So one of them is a fairly nice person who i haven’t seen around in a quite a while so i’m fairly thrilled to see her…while the other is someone who i have traded my fair share of catty remarks with, in fact, it is quite the love-hate relationship if there ever was a definition for it. We talk and talk for a while with me mostly focusing my attention on Person A while not unaware that Person B is taking in every bit of me and storing it in her head for future gossip (“omg she’s put on so much weight and her complexion looks like clumpy shit” “like omg we were mentioning Person C and she totally rolled her eyes, i bet there’s some bad blood between them!”).

And then we were in mid-conversation when suddenly Person A spots some other people she knows coming in and since the conversation was already winding down anyway, i signaled to her to go ahead while she politely excused herself. And so person B and I are left to continue on our own and it went something like this:

B: Uh so yeah where…where were we?

Me: Oh yeah that what were we…

B: Is that your food? Has it arrived yet?

Me: Uh oh OH YEAH YEAH that’s my food

B: Okay then uh maybe you should-

Me: Yeah i think i should, my friends-

B: Yeah. Bah okay

Me: Bah bah yeah

Bahahahahaha i know it doesn’t make sense but i just found it so funny that we immediately dropped all pretense the moment Person A got out of the picture. Like, we definitely don’t hate each other or anything but i’ve known this person for a very, very long time now so we’ve gotten to be very black and white about how we feel about each other. Sometimes we’ll be super ecstatic about seeing each other after a particularly long period and have a hearty conversation at the fruits section of a supermarket for up to half and hour and sometimes we’ll do nothing more than give a cordial nod to one another.

Shit’s weird. Lol

That’s all! x