I have a “subtly good day” + Maximized my day with love (?)

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Yesterday was such a subtly good day for me, my heart is smiling just thinking about it. You know one of those days where nothing particularly important is happening and yet everything sails by so smoothly and pleasant things keep occurring throughout the day? Ahhh

Initially i had qualms about meeting up with a friend whom i’ve sort of been on the rocks with but we met up and things quickly fell back into place and it was like nothing had ever come between us (which was a huge relief for me cause i’ve been really apt at burning bridges lately but i would hate seeing anything happen to this one). It wasn’t a huge falling out, just some accumulated distancing and difference in mindsets over the few months we were apart so it wasn’t a great teary reconciliation or anything, just a mutual understanding between two good friends. It literally felt like pouring oil over troubled waters (okay idk about you but that sounds really calming to me, does…does it not?).

To make things better, right before i left for lunch i received a phone call from the post office saying that a package had arrived for me. Like, what? If there’s something that i don’t do, it’s online shopping. I’ve just never really jumped on the ebay/amazon/asos wagon. Maybe it comes from living in a country with a postal system that could rival a snail’s mating rhythm, so every time i do order something out of desperation, i literally consider that money gone. Like, it would be a bonus if all my things arrived on time in one piece, if not then that’s life.

Same in this case! I ordered some dupes of Real Techniques brushes off ebay for really cheap because i’d heard amazing reviews about them. Now, take note that i placed the order in December…as in December 2013. Yeah. Four months later, i’d already gotten a refund from the seller and now a year and a month later, they’ve finally arrived. Woah is right. Would i like to give the money back to the honest seller? YES. Do i have any money in my account to spare at the moment? NO. Unless you count 0.30 cents as adequate payment then YES.

Anyway, i went to meet up with another bunch of friends for pasta and desserts and like, having good friends to eat good food with is great and all but getting to meet up with so many of my good friends in one day always makes me feel like i’ve made the most out of my 24 hours. Like, i’ve maximized my day with love. Eugh too far? Does that make you cringe? I know i cringed, like, the second i typed that out. “Maximized with love?” ew

But the best thing is that during lunch, i received an email from my university with my e-ticket in it! YAYYYYYY! I’ve been waiting with bated breath for it to arrive since my upcoming student exchange programme is fully sponsored which means i don’t have to purchase my own ticket. Which btw also has its cons because i have very little to no say regarding the details of my flights and then there’s the whole waiting and chasing process. I mean, i’m not very excited to leave my loved ones again so soon but it does allow me to breathe easier knowing that i’m so close to finishing my paperwork. Whew.

Then at night i immediately went with my boyfriend to his friend’s place to sort out my visa since his friend conveniently works at the embassy. YAY no queuing and waiting in line for this gurrrrrl. So i’ll just have to pick up my passport from him in two working days time and then that’s done and dusted.

Then Dem and I went out grocery shopping where he bought me my favourite pads which were thankfully available. WEEEEEE. Hey, don’t judge okay! When you’re broke, even free sanitary pads are a blessing! I’ve always used the Kotex Style pads with the smooth plastic covering because idk cotton really grosses me out because you can see everything on it when you change it and i mean, everything, like blobs and globs and stringy stuff *faints*. With these ones, all the gory bits just get absorbed under the surface and you hardly have to see anything.

K i’m done. That’s pretty much it. Now do you get what i mean when i say it was a “subtly good” day? Like, nothing super significant but at the same time, it constantly felt like there was a cool breeze blowing in my face wherever i went which is always a welcoming thing in this climate. A few other good things happened but they were even less remarkable than what i’ve just spent an hour ranting about so lol.

Okay i should totes get some sleep. It’s currently 5.40am and i told my best friend i’d pick her up around noon-ish. I can already hear my alarm snickering.

That’s all! xx