“Queen of Unconvetional Christmases” + A Bookworm’s dilemma

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I feel so so bad about ditching my #bloggingstreak! Eugh so to vaguely sum up my week in thoughts, here is what i’ve been doing for the past 8 days:

My entire family left for their annual Christmas holiday last Monday and they’re only coming back this coming Monday so that’s about a week that i’ve been left to my own devices. Boohoo. Lucky for me, i’ve got a boyfriend and i love sleepovers, so that’s a winner! The sad part about it is that my boyfriend’s place doesn’t have wifi so i’ve literally been blogging in my head. I’ll be getting ready to sleep and i’ll think of some random thing that would make an awesome blog post or i’ll be taking a swim and then mid-lap the thought of something that happened a few days ago would hit me and i’d get pissed about it and want to blog about it and then remember that my laptop is at home with my wifi. Sigh.

On Wednesday my boyfriend and i left for an overnighter across the border (which in case you don’t know, happens to be Sarawak, Malaysia– only two or three hours away by car) and we stayed at Park Everly Hotel because everywhere else was full. It should have been quite sad because:

a) my family was out celebrating and having this amazing Christmas dinner without me

b) this was my boyfriend’s first year spending Christmas away from his family (which tbh i never realized! But i guess we do usually spend Christmas together with his family in Jakarta) so i should have made more of an effort to show him a good time

and c) it never actually occurred to us to do anything special like go to our hotel’s Christmas dinner or just something

It sounds ridiculous but no one can really blame us tbh because i’m really a total Christmas (or Hari Raya or birthday or Chinese New Year) grinch and well, he’s not much of an eater– like i always say, he eats to live and i live to eat– so gorging our faces on turkey isn’t exactly the first thing to occur to him when thinking of Christmas celebrations. Lol

Anyway it was such a ridiculously relaxing trip which felt all too short so basically, this is how we spent Christmas eve.


Not my hairy leg btw! Not promising that my own leg isn’t hairy though…

Lol it was so pathetic but so great at the same time! We didn’t manage to find any bubble bath so we had to make do with generic soap so at least we had very “strongly perfumed water” to bask in hahaha. Then we completely forgot to buy wine so we decided to stop by this convenience store and get “pear cider” because it was the only thing we could find (don’t Americans drink apple cider as a wintery drink or something? #closeenough). Then we also couldn’t find any candles so we had to make do with our cigarettes and hope that our ashes wouldn’t fall into the stupid murky water. Not to mention, the tub was freaking small too. Bahahaha

It should have been a really sad Christmas eve but being the queen on unconventional Christmases i still loved it very much! And like they say, it’s who you spend it with that matters (lol do “they” really say that though or did i just make that up?)!

Oh and why i mention the trip feeling really short (well duh, i can hear people .saying, it’s an overnighter, how much longer can 24 hours feel lol) but it was all because of this nap that we took that completely took up our entire schedule. We reached Miri at 2 then spent an hour looking for a money changer and getting some lunch, we check in at around 3.45pm. He decides to take a freaking nap while i want to go swimming but i don’t want to go alone so he tells me to give him 15 minutes. I feel bad because he’s been driving all day so i give him 30 minutes. The bed feels too good i lay down we’re both asleep and the next thing we know it’s freaking 8.30pm. Lol so not only did we not get to swim, we also had less than 30 minutes to get ready and get to a mall to buy some stuff (e.g. failed candles and bubble bath) and find food because everything closes at 10.

But it was all great. No rush, no arguments, just a great trip overall!

P.s. This is getting to be a really long post but i absolutely promised myself i wouldn’t get any books while i was in Miri. Books are absolutely overpriced in generic bookstores where i am from so i tend to splurge on that whenever i’m away. But this time was an exception because since i’m leaving again quite soon and i realize that books/magazines always take up the most luggage weight and since i still have so many unread books (including Marian Keyes ones and while her books are the best, they really do take up a lot!), it would be ridiculous to get some more. But i decided to just innocently go “browsing” in a bookstore and suddenly my boyfriend said those magic words “do you want to get anything?”. Aww shit. To make things “worse”, he saw there was a “2nd for 50%” rebate and told me to get another one since it would be cheaper anyway. ARGHHH so my short term new year’s resolution would be to finish these two books by early January. K.


“I’m just browsing,” said no bookworm ever (or “kutu buku” as my boyfriend calls me. Lol what even-)

P.p.s. We were unpacking back at his place that night and he snorts at me when he saw that i brought back some of the free hotel things and i tell him to shut up because you never know when these things will come in handy. All of a sudden he starts unpacking his bag and he takes this out:


Like, really? Seriously? Is this the same man who was laughing at me for stealing the sewing kit?


Okay that’s all. I hope to get back to normal blogging by Monday since my parents will be back by then and i’ll be sleeping back in my own place then. In the meantime, merry Christmas! xx