Losing followers + Instagram secrets

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Okay let’s be honest here. If you’re anything like me, you’ll understand the pains of balancing your follower count with your following count and having to go through the whole dilemma of having to mass unfollow people on Instagram whenever both numbers get too close. I know i can’t be the only one out there!

It’s the whole idea of playing it cool on social media (i’ve obviously given up on Twitter though since there’s no way i’m gaining much of a following there with this potty mouth prone to verbal diarrhea) and not wanting to seem more interested in other people than people are taking in you bahahha all part of my elaborate plan to #saveface. I tend to cut it close by trying to keep a minimal of ten followers between both counters but oh my goddd the difficulty! Especially for a super busybody IG groupie like me! 😦

I used to only follow celebrities, which meant that there was rarely more than a 20% chance of me following back people, even those i knew personally because eugh commoners, am i right? No one wants to see your bad edits on the nasty fish that you fried for dinner. Or a washed out picture of your boring jogging trail. Sigh.

But then after a while, it hit me that i was also getting kind of bored with what i was seeing on my timeline still. There are only so many celebrity bloggers that you can follow before you get fed up with aesthetically pleasing arrangements of random objects (“flower flower trendy sunglasses a macaron deliberately placed at the edge of the frame more flowers Diptyque candle rose gold watch rose gold jewelry more rose gold more moooooore“) or food shots oh-so-casually placed against the background of Mount Everest or something like that. Not to say i haven’t been guilty of this myself on a few occasions though lol


But they were really great strawberries, y’guys! They just…happened to be set against the backdrop of an active volcano.


Eventually, i began following back some normal people again, just to add more variety and to make myself feel better about my own commoner photos lol and balance things out with a splash of reality scattered here and there. Not to mention, the level of awkwardness when you bump into people that you haven’t followed back or worse, after attending the same event as you, having them casually mention that they can’t seem to tag you in their photos ahem ahem idk casual shrug “bitch, why haven’t you followed me back” shift of the eyes. Just eugh.

Okay but that isn’t the point of this post. The point is that after receiving a notification or two from Instagram about them upgrading the system and “cleaning up spam accounts”, i was still shocked to see how low it went! T.T I had around 433 followers previously and i was following 425 people so imagine my panic when i saw it go down to 393! Sigh.

But i guess in the end, it did feel sort of good to cut back on my following.

I was starting to get immune to the good and the bad of my timeline and because i followed so many (celebrity) accounts, sometimes i found myself just scrolling past the bad pictures without thinking of where they were coming from. Then i went through all my followings and did a spot check on those who were inactive for the past 3 to 4 weeks or those who had been posting bad pictures in more than 4 consecutive posts. I also unfollowed shitloads of Thai celebrities who i used to love just because they’re so freakishly good looking but i eventually noticed that 99% of their posts were selfies. I mean, these people are tremendously hot but beauty is not exempted from throes of boredom. No one wants to see 15 selfies of anyone in a week, honey.

So yeah as you guys can see, i have now dwindled my following count to 404. Close but not nearly there yet. Sigh. Also i just temporarily unprivatized my account because idk that’s how people usually get tons of followers right? Hahahahaha fishing for followers, that’s me!

It’s now 6.19am here in Bandar Seri Begawan so that’s all for tonight!  xx


P.s. I hope they don’t do this for spam WordPress accounts as well because it seems like 99% of the people who follow me are trying to sell something. I’d probably be left with like 7 legit followers. Hahaha jk. Like i know it doesn’t make sense, but it just gives my ego a nice boost from time to time! Lol