Chocolate/movie/book snob?

by alittlehoneyformyheart

My dad just got back from Singapore and he bought shitloads of amaazing chocolate to make up for the fact that he bought the kids a tab and himself and my mum a new phone and me nothing! They were just my type; not so cheap that they were unknown and waxy but also not too expensive that they were hard and bitter. I’m quite picky when it comes to chocolates which is why i very rarely ever eat chocolate flavoured anything (e.g. ice cream, cookies, biscuits) because in my head, i automatically assume that it’s just artificial flavouring and that they use nasty, cheap cocoa powder which creates that terrible plastic factory taste. Unless we’re talking chocolate cake– i will eat moist chocolate cake if there’s a ton of icing on it and in it because to me that seems like legit cocoa #thatlogictho. Hence, i prefer eating actual chocolate.

But i’m not going to profess myself to be a “chocolate snob” though because i feel like you should only call yourself a snob if you really, really, really feel strongly about it. If not then that’s just unnecessary and immature of you, you should probably go back to your high school clique “BaD BiTchEssssx”. I’m going off on a tangent here, but i have heard people calling themselves “book snobs”, “coffee snobs”, “movie snobs” (really? Movie snobs? Really?) and everything else under the moon. Which part of having personal preferences do you find so hard to grasp? There’s nothing wrong with saying you prefer something over something else, like that comes with being an adult, knowing what you like and what you don’t. So i just feel like proclaiming to be a “snob” of something seems a tad too defensive and prickly. Almost like you’re proud of looking down your nose at something?

I mean, it’s obviously human nature to make judgements and to sometimes think you’re better than some others (i know i do it) but it’s not something i’d toot my own horn about. Y’get what i’m saying? K.

So this turned out to be a completely different post than i had set out to write about! It doesn’t even match the title anymore. Lol. I had a few more things to talk about but since i have this lame meeting tomorrow morning, i’m going to take a rain check on it. I don’t even want to attend this “meeting” but it’s going to be with the people that i’ll be going to Bandung with so the only reason i want to attend is to see what kind of people it is i’m going to be spending a lot of time with. And from there i’ll decide if i want to even stay in one house with them. Lol

That’s all! xx