AHS Freakshow + “Long” freaking day + Obligatory sister duties

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I’ve had so many topics on my mind lately, so many things that i want to talk about on the go but none that came at the right time (i.e. now when i’m actually in front of my laptop and not driving or in the shower or mid-conversation with someone). It’s so annoying. In fact, this is probably my fourth draft for tonight but i refuse to give up on this blogging streak of mine! Hence i decided to take a breather and continue binge watching American Horror Story: Freakshow for a bit.

Until i came to the fifth episode and almost strangled myself to death after watching the part where Desiree (Angela Bassett a.k.a. Queen) experiences “vaginal bleeding” while fooling around with Lobsterboy (Evan Peters). PUKES BLEHALKAJDDHSH needless to say that very quickly put me back on this page where i am now typing this post with my legs crossed very tightly. My weakness has always been gore and blood! And fast cars, but that’s another story altogether.

So far i’m really loving Freakshow though! It’s not as gory as i expected it to be (THANK THE LORD FOR THAT) because season two was a nightmare for me and as much as i loved it, i didn’t even make it halfway through AHS: Asylum. But you know it’s a fking good show when you can’t keep even the most squeamish person from watching it!

But yeah so anyway, this might not have been the post that i had initially planned on posting but it always feels great to take a load off my mind. I guess i should’ve made more of an effort to work on some of my earlier drafts but the kids have been driving me nuts tonight. I love them to absolute bits and pieces and you cannot find a mushier sister out there if you tried but i guess there’s only so much of me that can go around. I spent some time with them this morning, then went out with some close friends for a late meal until evening and then went over to Dem’s place where we had some unexpected fun (k idk why i felt the need to include that. Hahahahahahahaha i guess i’m just happy that that fight is actually coming to fruition?)

So after coming home at one in the morning and as usual, finding the house still kicking in full swing with my mum promptly excusing herself to go to sleep and leaving the kids on their own with my 17 year old brother and cousin rednecking it on their stupid laptops on their stupid ah beng games. Needless to say, i was less than sisterly tonight.

I always say that my favourite time of day is after midnight until about 5am because of the unusual peace and quite that pervades our house and leaves me to my own devices. So not being able to savour those few precious hours obviously puts me in a bad mood. Sigh. Story of my life.

Anyhu, as usual i should be heading to sleep since i have a “long” day ahead of me. Lol. Well, technically anything that requires me setting an alarm is considered a “long” day in my books. My stupid atm card got blocked because i also stupidly forgot the PIN code since it was the first time using it in 4 months since i’ve been away so that’s that. Then i need to head to UBD to sort out some more stupid paperwork then pick up some friends then go out for budget sushi a.k.a. Sushi Tei and their $2 Sushi Wednesdays.

I’m supposed to head for my cousin’s birthday dinner but since i’m mad at my auntie for being such a major bitch to me, i’m just not at all going to show face. Hmph. But again, that’s yet another story for another late night.

Okay that’s all! Goodnight! xx