Tempers on the rise + shitty distraction maneuvers

by alittlehoneyformyheart

So when it comes to brawls, i would like to say that i’d be the first to avoid it where possible. But at the same time, what we’d like to say isn’t exactly the most accurate, realistically speaking. So to be completely honest, when it comes to fights and spat words, more often than i not, i tend to find myself in the eye of the hurricane mostly because of my quick-to-anger personality as well as my inability to stay out of matters which i feel i have a say in or can put a stop to.

Or sometimes i just feel like being a complete bitch.

Last night i got into a huge argument with my boyfriend that took up an entire hour in a foggy car on a rainy night filled with tears and cries and frustrated yells. At a few points we were on the verge of making up but i kept pulling back. It’s cause i feel like in general we tend to make amends very, very easily and sometimes both of us can take that forgranted, even leaving a few loose ends untied in our rush to be happy and love each other all over again.

This time because i felt so strongly about this topic (which f.y.i. has been rehashed over and over again in the past three years that we’ve been together hence me putting my foot down once and for all) I wanted us to fight for it, to see it through no matter how close to the edge we went. And we did.

We made up on an amazing note. Like, amazing. Like, mindblowingly good. Like, so good i couldn’t feel my feet good.

And then he picked me up again today and just to seal the deal, we made up again just to make sure, something that i chose to take as a reassurance that my biggest worries were over.



Part two; I got home early tonight because my boyfriend has to head to the office early tomorrow morning at 7am and i was just spending some time with the kids when i heard my 17 year old pig of a brother battling a particularly noisy DoTA tournament and was screaming obscene profanities for the entire freaking kampung to hear.. The worst part was that my little sister was sitting on the floor in the same room playing with her dolls.  Like, what the fuck right.

So after multiple warnings, i finally went up and slammed the door as loud as i could. Completely forgetting that the door couldn’t close because the knob was already broken on the other side. Whoops. So…not only was he locked in, other people couldn’t get into the room.

Needless to say, i kind of panicked but didn’t really want to show it because #saveface. Hahaha. So i just sort of sullenly mumbled, “what. It’s already broken anyway. Just take a hammer to it” as my mum tried all kinds of screwdrivers but to no avail. Then i had to youtube all kinds of stupid shit which weren’t even helpful AT ALL. And the videos were so freaking drab and dreary and so low quality.

But then it turns out that the pig knew how to open it from the inside after all, he just didn’t bother to so he could shout profanities from inside the room in peace with no one stopping him. Then after 30 minutes he just emerged from the room like nothing when all this time we’ve been banging and kicking and elbowing it from the outside. PIGGGGGGGGGGG

By the time we weren’t even mad at each other anymore. Lol so it was just kinda awkward for a while and then back to normal.

Hahahaha i always end up doing stupid stuff like this when i’m mad. Don’t even get me started on the time i slammed the laptop on his fingers because he wouldn’t shut up and wouldn’t stop slamming his fists on the motherboard during one of his vigorous gaming sesh. But it turned out to be slightly too hard because i cracked the screen. The laptop was only 5 weeks old then. Lol FTS.

Then i remember the worst part about it was having to call my dad and tell him what happened to his new baby (this was about two years back) and then lying to him that i was pregnant. HAHAHAHAHAHA he was so shocked he couldn’t talk and then when he finally went, “WHAT DO YOU-” then i said, “JUUUUUUST KIDDING” and then he laughed. And then i laughed and then casually went, “butislammedthelaptopandnowthescreenisbrokenhehehehehe” but he was so relieved he just went “oh okay as long as you pay for the repair”.

Such a shitty move but it was an emergency! And it worked!

Ahhhh good old memories *dries tears from eyes*

And the moral of this post is nothing except to show you what a ridiculous git i can be when i set my mind to it.That’s all! xx