Semi-unpopular Opinion

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Edit: I didn’t get to post it on the spot anyway because exactly what i predict in the second paragraph actually happens but slightly worse. I didn’t jump into the toilet until i received a text from my boyfriend saying he was already downstairs. Bahahaha so just ignore this next paragraph in all its present tense glory

I very rarely post during the day time (it’s currently 4.30pm) because as everyone probably knows by now, i am a crazy night owl who functions best after midnight. But i woke up at 1pm and found the whole house empty cause everyone left for Miri 😦 Oh wells. I hate road trips anyway. Probably still freaking traumatized from how fast my dad used to drive from all those trips we took when i was younger.

Currently, i’m still in my PJs (LOL okay i lied i don’t wear pajamas but does my free camp t-shirt and ratchet underwear count?) waiting for my boyfriend to tell me he’s on the way to my place from his office so i can realize how freaking late i am and jump into the toilet while simultaneously brushing my teeth, taking a shower and pissing.

I was talking to some people recently and it just rekindled my hatred for cheapskates. I’ve said this before and i’ll say it again; I HATE CHEAPSKATES. Maybe it’s because i come from a cheapskate family and want to make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself. Or maybe being a luxury junkie is my way of rebelling against them i don’t know! But the point is: DON’T. BE. CHEAP. DBC. Okay?

It’s not that i’m trying to say live beyond your means cause i absolutely don’t believe in that either but at the same time, if you’ve got it use it. And if you’re really into budgeting and need to save up for something, then don’t be embarrassing about it. Just be cool and go, “Nah it’s okay i’ll pass…i really want to save up for that bag! Lol” or “lol that place sounds amazing! But ahem i’m kinda broke right now lol another time maybe?” and no one will have to feel awkz about it. Don’t be all “OH MY GOD WALAO SO EXPENSIVE I CAN EAT 20 ROTI KOSONG WITH THIS” when you’re already in the restaurant and looking at the menu.

Especially people who don’t even know what they’re saving for other than some mumble about something in the far, far future. What if you got hit by a freaking bus tomorrow? What if you get bitten by a venomous snake and die instantly? How would your soul feel knowing that its entire existence revolved around soggy packed lunches, cramped public transportation and living in crappy squalor just to scrimp and save for something that it’ll never have the chance to experience when instead it could have been living it up and basking in the pleasures of life at least once in a while?

Also, okay this could possibly be just me. But one of my biggest pet peeve are people who forego any and every form of luxury (=pleasure). I know it’s absolutely their prerogative and up to their taste and personal preferences and whatnot but for crying out louuuud, those people in front of me at Gongcha who order milk tea with 0% sugar and no toppings should just jump off a cliff because well, you’re like the freaking haze. Just grey and dark and bleak and gloomy and spreading sadness to whoever you grace your presence with.

And people who go like “oh my god why would you ride a taxi? I’d rather save up and sit in a freaking wheelbarrow with a roof and be wheeled around in it in the heat just to save up on a dollar”. Like STFU why don’t you just opt for walking. . .firewalking on a bed of coals.

I think the worst of these people are the ones who so blatantly have the money but choose to live like peasants. The whole thing just disgusts me. Budgeting is not a crime. Saving up is not a crime. But unabashedly being a cheapskate is worth being stoned for. K.

Peace out.