Late night // early morning thoughts + septum piercings?

by alittlehoneyformyheart

It’s currently 5.15 a.m. and as usual, i’m supposed to be asleep since i have to wake up at like… eight to get ready for a presentation at 11. Gasp.

I found out some news today which i already knew but wasn’t expecting to be that soon and i’ve come to the decision that i’m probably not going to tell some people again because, well, i’m one of those kind of people who really treasure my friends (no matter how mean i am to them sometimes hahaha) and i would like to get that same kind of respect back as well. In shorter words, i want people to treat me like i could be gone tomorrow. Rarely do i put people as sort of a last resort– or at least i actively try my best not to??– so i need to know that people can return the favor as well.

But anyway! It’s not even a big deal, it came off as way more serious and somber than i intended! Hahaha that isn’t the point of this post! Not sure this post even has a point tbh hahaha

I’ve been getting quite a few followers since i last went on my blogging spree! Lol okay it wasn’t even a blogging spree, just like two consecutive posts in a row, i’m making it sound like i posted five posts and two vlogs or something hahahaha but anyway thank you!

Lately, i’ve been thinking a lot about piercings and tattoos. It feels like faux pas to me because it’s all too reminiscent of my younger days with my nose pierced but i feel like it’s coming up again! That urge in me to get septum pierced is real! For the past few nights i’ve been googling “celebrities with septum piercings” and “hot girl models with septum piercings” just to see if it’s possible to carry it off without looking like a total grunge chick. And it is! It absolutely is! Look at SoothingSista, a gorgeous youtuber who i found off Clothes Encounters. She’s remains absolutely gorgeous and classy while rocking that nose ring.

Damn girl, are you a parking ticket? Cause you so fine *such a ridiculous pick up line bahahaha but still uses it anyway*

But either way, even if it doesn’t work i can always remove it. It’s not permanent or anything. Psht.

Okay i had so much more to talk about but it just occurred to me of how ridiculous of a person i am. I am obviously planning on waking up at 8am which is in a mere two hours time but here i am still watching youtube videos as if i don’t have anything planned tomorrow when in fact, i’ll be busy literally the entire day! Eugh. I piss me off so much sometimes.

P.s. I know i mentioned my presentation will be at 11am tomorrow but i need to wake up at 8 since my current “get ready” routine has gotten twice as long since i got back and it already took me 40 minutes before. So do the math. The reason i rebonded my hair (still gives me the shudders saying that) was to keep it low maintenance while i’m back in Brunei but i swear the sleek look is harder to pull off than you can imagine. Plus it doesn’t help shit that my dressing table light has disappeared (i have no idea which pig stole it from my room while i was gone) so i spend even longer just looking for the proper angle and lighting.


Very long for a post script.

But that’s all! Til’ next time xx