Yo mama’s so broke she can’t even borrow books from the library!

by alittlehoneyformyheart

For the next two months or so, i’m going to be on holiday (or bumming, which is a more realistic way to put things) so i’ve been trying to hook myself up with as much ways to fill my time up as possible. I’ve already been back for a week now but i haven’t had time to properly laze about with my laptop until dawn, which is probably my favourite lazy thing to do of all time, because i’ve had to wake up “early” (if you count 2pm as early haha) almost everyday during the past week.

I went to the library to borrow a few books and i was so freaking excited to check them out…that is, until my request got rejected 😦 Turns out i owe the library twenty bucks for an overdue book that i checked out a year ago. So humiliating. I suppose it could have been worst though! Like, i could have gotten a crabby librarian and she could have announced it loudly over megaphone, especially when i told her that i didn’t want to check out the books anymore (not like i had a freaking choice right bahahaha #saveface) since i didn’t want to pay right away because just like a year ago, i’m still freaking broke. Hahahaha. Needless to say i was so bummed out though! It’s like being brought to a candy shop and then having your mum tell you at the counter that she forgot to bring cash 😦

The saddest part for me was that in the first place, i was at the library because i was broke. Cause duh if i wasn’t, i could actually buy myself books at a proper bookstore. But because of my broke ass I CAN’T EVEN BORROW THOSE FREE BOOKS 😥 Sigh. I wanted to check out four books because they all seemed to suit my mood perfectly! See if you can spot a common theme between all four:

  1. The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue
  2. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
  3. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
  4. Some thick paperback by Amy Tan

Can you tell? They’re all dark, gloomy and mysterious with a hint of fairytale in them which is exactly what i need right now. I’m not depressed but i’m going through a phase where melancholic things make me feel better (remember my search for the ultimate sad book? I think this mood i’m in is an extension of that). Which also explains why the rainy weather has been keeping my mood in top form! If it weren’t for the constant rain and cold winds, i don’t think i would be half as happy being back as i would be normally. Lol.

But then i was looking through my bookshelf and realized that i have so, so many books to read and to reread and such a short time to finish doing so that it would have been a waste to borrow all those books anyway! Hence i’m so excited to be taking up the challenge of reading at least 5 books by the time this “holiday” has come to an end!

Sorry i sound like such an ahbeng in this post but it’s currently 7am and i need to sleep because Demitri’s picking me up at 11 bahaha sucks to be him. That’s all!