Regaining my memory (and my money)

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I know i’m a month too early for any New Year’s resolutions (not that any of that shit works) but i’d like to think of it as a way to improve my newly 22 year old self. I keep saying it’s too late for me to do anything already considering if anything super miraculous was going to happen it would have happened few years back when i was younger, but i’ve given it more thought and decided to give myself a bit more leeway. BUT if anything is going to happen, it has to start happening NOW and i mean like, right now. My biological clock is ticking and if i’m going to make any alterations for the better of my life, i don’t have anymore time to spare. Like they say, there’s no time like the present.

Starting from my terrible memory. Lol okay that declined quickly. But seriously though, in broke times like these, i’m literally living dollar to dollar and the thing is, with my tendency to forget anything and everything within mere seconds, it also means that i misplace things on the frequent. Misplacing things like my favourite lipbalm or forgetting that i didn’t wash out the stain in my favourite top afterall is time wasting at most but when it comes to stuff like receipts and envelopes of cash, now that shit takes up a whole lot more than a morning spent flipping things over and getting down on all fours and looking in the most ungodly places.

Things that are currently missing that could amount to some money– spent or gained– if found include:-

  1. The receipt for the renewal of my driver’s license. I just realized that it says on my license that it expires this month when in actuality i paid for 3 years (to last me until 2017) so i could avoid the whole hassle of renewing it in the first place! Problem is, that was way back in January and i only spotted the mistake…today…in December. Which means that if i can’t find the receipt, not only did i lose $20, i also have to pay $10 to renew it AGAIN. So wish me luck cause i don’t even remember what i had for dinner last night let alone something that happened MONTHS AND MONTHS AGO EUGH
  2. The receipts for my visa renewal back when i was in Jakarta as well as the receipt for the first time i did my visa at the Indonesian embassy in Brunei. So let’s calculate: each renewal cost me $35 and i did it three times which equates to $105 plus the latter which cost me $70. $175 that i could claim back from my university but nope, can’t find that shit either.
  3. Now here comes the most painful part. During this year’s CNY celebrations, i didn’t expect to get any money since duh, i’m old and i didn’t think i was eligible to receive any. Plus it wasn’t that much of a big deal for me since i get an allowance from the government so anything extra would just be a bonus. But this year to my surprise, i collected almost $200 from i don’t even know where. For weeks after, i just threw the money into a drawer and didn’t even bother counting it because i wanted to surprise myself (lol ikr i’m such a kid) at the end. One day i got into a fight with my brother (who can be a major asshole at times) and so before i left the house, i took all the money and stuffed it somewhere so that he wouldn’t find it (in case he went into my room looking for something to trash cause i think i was quite the bitch to him during our squabble).

Long story short, i forgot where i hid that shizz. I think the stupidest thing is that he would never do something like that. In fact, the only reason why i was so paranoid was because it seemed like something I would do in a raging fit. BAHAHAHAHAHA STUPID ME. So somewhere in this cavernous room of mine, there is a pot of gold waiting to be found. So steady right? I’m such a fucking professional at hiding things that i don’t even remember myself. Such torture.

So from now on, i’m going to try my best to more organized and to write stuff down more often. The reason why i rarely write things down is because i’m such a paranoid person, always thinking that someone is going to hack into my phone and find all my passwords for every account i’ve ever made, but i think number 3 has taught me that if anything, my paranoia has led me to nothing but trouble and loss so far. Hahahaha. Shit.

Okay that’s it. I want to write more but it’s just not coming to me right now. I wish my laptop was foldable so i could fold it into a tiny square and stuff it into my bra and then get it out whenever i’ve got a good idea for a blog post cause i have tons throughout the day! And yet when i’m sitting in front of the laptop like i am now, they all seem like crappy ideas all of a sudden! Sigh. Let me know if there are tips for me to remember things (please don’t tell me to eat vegetables though i will kick you).

That’s all! xx

P.s. I feel like i slipped my money between something but i’ve already looked between my bedframe. Another strong feeling is that i hid all the red packets in a book. Shit am i supposed to look through all 100 of my books?! WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF