Losing hope in Dayre

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I’ve had my Dayre for a month and a couple of days now and i’m sort of losing hope in it.


Okay so it’s not as serious as it sounds but after a month of posting several entries and not even having one like, one comment or even one follower, it gets disheartening! It’s not like my WordPress where i can monitor my viewer count or where i can see which posts bring in the readers the most or which tag attracts the most traffic which allows me to improve on that. I understand that perhaps i should make more of an effort to comment on other blogs and interact further with other users but then again, Dayre is still in its early stages yet. It’s difficult to find people with similar interests, from the same area (hello, i couldn’t even download it back when i was Brunei, i had to wait til i was in Jakarta) and better yet, people who are interesting enough to actually want to read about their entire day (which is maybe why i don’t have anyone there yet, i’m just not intriguing enough lol boohoo). I’m not saying that i’m not into following people from other cultures and different walks of life, what i’m saying is if i can’t get any strangers to follow me, can i at least have some real life friends on it? #demanding

Don’t get me wrong, i blog for myself first and foremost and then for my readers but it does get you down when you notice how stationary everything is. If my Dayre was a physical place, it would have tumbleweeds everywhere like a freaking barren desert. While some people maintain their blogs as sort of a private online journal and try their best to keep it under wraps as much as possible by not linking it to anywhere else and making sure not to synchronize it with other social media accounts, there’s also a part of them which seeks validation and craves attention. Not the fame whore kind (although their sort exists too DUH) but the kind that wants to be heard and seen…just not by people they know.

Preferably by other strangers on the internet.

I’m still holding out hope that i can actually make blogging my thing. I just haven’t found my specialty yet. That special million dollar post which will go viral and get me tons of sponsorships and offers to review their stuff. Hahahahaha. K.

I should go to sleep now. I have tons of things to do on my agenda for this week, i can’t wait to get into full fledged writing mode and to catch up on all my tv shows. In the meantime, why don’t you Dayre me? http://dayre.me/sjazreel