Dat Djakarta Pride

by alittlehoneyformyheart


1/3 of Potatohead Garage


So over the past three months, i’ve been waiting and waiting for someone ANYONE to come and visit me and finally, in my last few weeks here (i think my heart tore a bit inside when i typed that), my old friend from Brunei has decided to come visit meeee! Wiheee. I don’t know which i’m more excited about, having him over or being able to finally show off the city i love the most in the world that i’m proud to call my second home.

Most people who haven’t been to Jakarta, or Indonesia at all for that matter, will understandably have assumptions about it being a so-called “undeveloped” country (which is weird because people tend to assume that Brunei is pretty developed what with our thriving economy but in actuality it’s quite the opposite). And then there are people like me who are absolutely head over heels in love with the city and know that there’s so much more to it than these people know. I swear it has become one of my main missions to disprove all negative and ignorant expectations and now i can finally have an actual witness to attest to the beauty that is Jakarta!

I mean, of course, like every other country in the entire world, there are the upsides and downsides. I’m not saying that it’s perfect because it is definitely far from it, in fact, you don’t have to look very hard to see the patches of poverty littered throughout the city. Even in the richest and most prosperous areas, the poor are never really that far away. You could live in a mansion and all you’d have to do is look out your window and just on the other side of your gates, the harsh reality of the lower classes blatantly stares you in the face. But that’s for another day!

It’s funny because when i’m in Brunei and friends from overseas threaten to pay me a visit, i always hurriedly tell them to stay put and that i’ll come to visit them instead, if only to avoid the awkwardness that is showing them around. A typical conversation with visitors would probably go like this, “okay…so are you into nature? Do you like climbing and hiking? Or perhaps you’re interested in our mediocre non blue watered, non white sand beaches? …no? It’s okay, i’ll still bring you Tasek Lama, Bukit Shahbandar and Empire Hotel”. HAHAHA

But this time it’s different, i’m in love with the place and i hope that the people i bring here can feel that too and experience what i rave so often about. Despite their dubious expectations, most Bruneians who come here usually fall in love with it as well! And when i hear that, i feel such pride in my stomach for a city that i’ve only known for such a short while (my first trip here was in 2012 for about a month). Ahhh. I can’t wait to show my friend around and spread this infectious disease. Lol kay i sound like a rambling lunatic. Tonight, for his first taste of Jakarta, i brought him to my favourite restaurant llocated in SCBD called the Potatohead Garage and needless to say, his expectations were blown through the roof. HEHEHEHEHE i love it i love it! ❤

Okay, i should stop now before i sound anymore insane. That’s all for tonight! xx