My writing habits + first thoughts on Taylor Swift’s 1989!

by alittlehoneyformyheart

In typical Sheyenne fashion, it has been seven hours with this tab open  and i have yet to spin out anything even worth posting. I started out on a few drafts but quickly deleted them because it was just dragging on and on. But i just have so many things going through my mind right now and my fingers are absolutely itching to get something out so as usual, i’ll be regurgitating all my thoughts out in point form. A list of everything worth mentioning that’s keeping me up at this hour!

1. I really do miss writing. I’ve been thinking of it more and more lately. Deep down, i guess i really am an artsy person at heart because i can never completely let go of my love for writing. The thing i miss most about in high school are my English classes where we had creative writing sessions which i could commit to to my heart’s content. I remember my English teacher at the time, Mr.Rockwell, told me to take my writing seriously because high school would most likely be last time i’d get to express myself as freely that way. And he was absolutely right.

I’ve been trying to sit myself down to write some decent pieces but haven’t gotten around to. I feel so sad saying that all of a sudden because i have had an amazing time here and it hurts my heart to have to end this chapter so so fast. What a short chapter this has been. Slighting rocky, slight bumpy, but all round amazing and soul-nourishing. Since i usually need some form of guidance i might take part in some the usual tumblr writing challenges just to keep me on track.

2. FINALLY, FINALLY got my hands on TSwizzle’s 1989! Ahhh. For those of you who know me, you’ll probably know that i may have just turned 22 last month but when it comes to downloading things and technology, i might as well be 80. I went to a couple of CD shops but it hadn’t arrived yet and i was too embarrassed to bother anyone in my workplace so all i could do was read all the reviews and wait not so patiently. UNTIL my darling colleague who is equally a fan of Swift told me that he had it and that he could transfer it to my laptop immediately. AAAAAAAAH. Haefa, you made an old woman very very happy today.

So far out of all 14 tracks (excluding Out of The Woods and Shake It Off because i have listened the shit out of those two tracks) the ones that call out to me the most (in order) are Clean, New Romantics, I Know Places, This Love anddddd Wildest Dreams. That last track tho. The moment i listened to Wildest Dreams i felt slightly disoriented and confused because i found myself almost singing along to it but obviously i was hearing it for the first time. And then i listened to it again. and again. and again. And it still felt so familiar to me. Until it dawned unto me that it sounded very…Lana-ish. I scrolled through my LDR collection and found the track that i had been looking for “Without You”. Both choruses sound almost identical at one point! GASP. Could this be Swifty’s very first case of plagiarism? Unheard of! Compare for yourself:

As for the album itself…it hasn’t really won me over just yet. I can’t remember if Red caught my attention immediately but all i know is that at this very moment, it is still in my car since the very first moment i got the CD 2 years back and til now has remained my default go-to soundtrack whenever i’m on my own. No kidding. But for now 1989 is…way too boppy to me to appreciate just yet. It doesn’t sound like Taylor. I understand that this is her first official venture into the pop genre but i’m struggling to find the distinctiveness of Taylor Swift in it, the very essence of her that makes her songs timeless. They’re good songs but they don’t smell of the TS that i’m used to.

Nevertheless, i am still pissing myself in delight that i’m finally listening to it! She still maintains her honestly throughout it all though, no bullshitting, no sugarcoating. My favourite lyrics so far is when she sings in Clean (the best song IMO so far):

10 months sober, I must admit…

just because you’re clean don’t mean you miss it

10 months older I won’t give in…

now that I’m clean I’m never gonna risk it”

I love it.