Dayre review!

by alittlehoneyformyheart

So as i mentioned a few posts ago, i recently created a Dayre account. I know what everyone is thinking, do i really need yet another social media account considering how i can barely find the time to update this space as it is? But Dayre is different!

Sure, it’s also a blogging platform like WordPress and blogspot but it’s different in the sense that it is mini and incredibly bite sized! The one thing that hinders me from posting here more often is that it takes up much more effort than you’d think. There’s no guarantee that i can type up a quick post on my phone and then have it appear how i want it to. I always worry that it’ll come out weirdly aligned or that the photos won’t be uploaded in the right dimensions or that i can’t bold or italicize properly on my mobile device. Then there’s also the expectation that posts have to be long when posting on a proper blogging website which isn’t very feasible or comfortable to do on a tiny handphone (no matter how big they make them now!) as you can imagine. Also, i like to type on the go considering that some of my best posts have been of a more spontaneous nature where i switch on my laptop and the words pour out hence the reason why drafts don’t always work for me.

With Dayre, i can literally update it exactly like how i update my Twitter and Path (yes, i very recently just made a Path account as well lol. I need to stay relevant here okay! Most Indonesians have already upgraded to Path while i, on the other hand, only started a Twitter account late last year #grannySheyenne). There’s the option of posting a quick photo, a quote, a short 500 letter post, your location and as well as what you’re currently listening to and even if you post 5 mini posts in one day, they’ll appear on your feed as one continuous post anyway (i’m not sure how i feel about this tbh but so far it doesn’t seem too disoriented as a whole which was one of my main concerns).


Sorry i didn’t crop it well enough but here’s an example of one of my posts/rants today (the sticker emoticon is another example of a short post which you can elaborate later on in 500 letters) about how i was given work at 6pm and completely missed out on my plans. Here’s another mini photo post of mine a little while after that on my way out of the office:


The way i differentiate the things i post on here and on Dayre is by the content. If i’m just posting on the go (e.g. what i’m doing, what i’m eating, what’s happening) then the latter is the way to go. I come on this space to express my emotions and to elaborate even further, sometimes even focusing on a specific topic such as beauty related things or reviews and whatnot. So if i were to list my social media networks in order from lightest to heaviest it would be as so:

Twitter -> Instagram -> Path -> Dayre -> WordPress and Facebook for everything else leftover. Lol.

At the moment, my Dayre feed is still kind of quiet because it isn’t mainstream yet so it’s just for me cause sob i don’t have any followers yet anyway. But i do update it! For me the biggest downside would be its very limited nature. You can’t view any Dayre accounts from anywhere but your phone (seriously though, what’s up with that?) and unless you have an account. The only options for sharing are Twitter and Facebook which is also a bummer.

Oh well. Read more at! I really should get some sleep now since i have some plans for 7am (although it’ll be a miracle if i can get up). BUT WOOTS FOR THE WEEKEND! xx

Update as of July 2015: I eventually updated my thoughts on Dayre in another post a while after that and as of now, my Dayre is completely empty and barren although i have had thoughts on reviving it recently! I think my main hope for it was that i would be able to somehow connect it to my WordPress account but there’s no such thing on it, even now as far as i’m aware of which i find is inconvenient as i’m not comfortable with sharing any of my blogs on mainstream accounts such as Facebook and whatnot. I do still use it to read the ramblings of some of my favourite bloggers on it and it seems like such a cosy, tightknit community once you actually get into the feel of things but i was never really able to get into it that way!