My take on LDR (sort of…not really)

by alittlehoneyformyheart

So i’ve been away in Jakarta for about three months now and i’ve only been away from my boyfriend for about two months. I’m throwing it out there very nonchalantly but it’s hard for me to believe that we’ve been apart for 70 days when before this the longest was only three weeks at most. It hasn’t been easy and yet admittedly, it hasn’t been heart wrenchingly difficult as well (although i’m really not in a place to say that LDR is simple just because i’ve done it for a mere two months. I mean, i have friends who have done it for years and year through high school and college degrees like bleagh). We’ve had our rough patches– my fault mostly cause i’m such an insensitive bitch at times– where i reach home at 11pm and all i want to do is eat my supper, wash my face and head to bed while he’s been waiting for me all night to go on Skype and when i finally do, i’m grouchy as fuck. And then there are those times when he’s been holding everything in for so long that when we finally talk he just lets everything out from A-Z from his job to his family to his problems to his workload and all i want to do is roll my eyes and leave my phone facedown on the pillow while i take a hot shower.

I always say that he knew what he was getting into when we first got together but at the same time, i know myself and i know that i’m not giving him what deserves which is nothing but the best. I’m aware that i’m the furthest thing from being the ideal girlfriend and i have to keep working at it. Sometimes…it just slips my mind…

Anyway, he’s coming to get me (i love how that sounds) in around 20 days and idk how to feel about it. Obviously, i’m completely overcome with excitement and yet a part of me is sad because my chapter in Jakarta will be ending. However, just thinking of settling back into routine with Demsie and getting to see him everyday after work or during his lunch breaks and just cuddling til late is…indescribable.

I just can’t wait to spend all the mornings in bed just staring into his eyes and cuddling til we’re blue in the face. Can’t wait til i get to nuzzle his stubbly chin again and to peck his tiny, prickly nose and to poke his eye sockets (bahahahaha umm abusive much)…to bless his cheekbones with tiny little kisses and to push the hollow of his cheeks with big, wet ones. I love him i love him i love him

In the past three months of me being here, we’ve “celebrated” both our birthdays as well as our third year anniversary (which was two days ago).  For the latter, i made this slideshow on instagram depicting our long distance “journey” with the help of selfies, selfies and more selfies. I don’t know about other couples but it just makes me feel so much more connected with his reality when i get to see him in real time and i hope he feels the same way. To the man who always gives me the best. My skinny hero. My Demsie.

Update: I’ve been trying to embed the video in here but it isn’t appearing. There’s just this huge, empty space where the video should appear. Lol. So you can watch the video here.

LDR isn’t easy. But it helps when you believe that you were meant to be together and that without a doubt, your souls will find a way back to each other, no matter what. Because what is a mere few months when you have the rest of your lives ahead of you?