Six facts about me at this very moment

by alittlehoneyformyheart

1. I’m broke as all hell (which i hope is a temporary state of being). I’m currently, pathetically, living off my boyfriend and depending on him to keep me alive here. Not even going to breach on the topic of family right now because for those of you who have been reading this space for some time now, you’ll know how much it works me up to talk about. I literally have less than 40 dollars to my name at this time including what is in my wallet and in my bank account and i have no idea how i’m going to pay my rent next month (okay that’s a lie, i actually do, my boyfriend said that he’d pay it for me lol).

2. It’s 2.40 pm and i’m feeling really tired and restless at the same time. Just felt the need to put something out here, to say something. Got home really early today (which for me is 9.30pm) but stayed up til late for some stupid reason, besides Skyping with Demsie. It’s our 3rd year anniversary! Woohoo

3. To start a beauty/fashion blog is one of my dream goals right now since there is just a world of possibilities to encounter via that route and so many doors can be opened from there. But i just feel like for all my talk of loving fashion and all that, i don’t have enough clothes to be interesting enough (it seems like i literally have 5 cardigans which i wear and repeat over and over and over again. I’m not even exaggerating. If you were to scroll through my instagram you’d be able to spot my outfits by heart! They’re not hideous but i’m not exactly spoilt for choice) nor am i confident enough with my appearance to be comfortable with taking full body shots of myself from various angles wearing the same old clothes over and over again.

4. I’m sincerely torn between wanting to extend my internship for an extra week. Previously it was actually an option but now it seems like i might have no choice since i’m broke as fuck and i don’t exactly want to coop myself in my room, broke and not being able to do anything. I might as well keep on working until my boyfriend arrives. But then again, i really don’t want to subject myself to being asked to pick up guests from the airport again because 85% the drivers that i have to deal with are chatterbox dickheads which means that being stuck in traffic with them is a fucking nightmare. Not only that but it seems like the drivers don’t seem to know their places in here. They do what they want they talk what they want and because they’re a rough lot, everyone lets them off the hook. I don’t like that.

5. I spent the past 30 minutes trying to decide whether i should change themes because i thought that my current layout wasn’t “bloggy” enough and seemed much too somber to be anyone’s idea of a go-to read on a constant basis. I actually did get around to changing it twice before spending another 20 minute searching for my old theme back. And here i am again. Lol

6.  I won’t be shooting any episodes until next week because my programme will be having a special overseas episode in Singapore so i’ll be spending the rest of the week in the office. Pro: I’ll finally get to rest a bit because i’ve been going to the studio everyday for the past week or so. Also, this means there won’t be any guests to pick up from the airport which means not having to deal with imbecilic cavemen. Cons: Since lunch and dinner is usually provided at the studio, i’ll have to use my money to actually buy lunch and dinner now since i’ll be at the headquarters all week. Eugh perfect timing much?

That’s all. Should really be heading to bed now! xx