New directions

by alittlehoneyformyheart

So this week along with the start up of my new Dayre account (which is actually just a more convenient version of this space but not really. Lol read more about it at, i feel like i need to lead a more healthy lifestyle for a while at least.

I’ve put myself on a cigarette hiatus because i really puff away whenever i go clubbing and overall, my skin has gotten slightly worse for wear plus I’m feeling the throes of an impending sore throat which i don’t fancy dealing with. My poor skin could be a result of the pollution that I’m facing here as well as the late hours that I’ve been going to bed at recently. It’s just bumpy and zitty (mmm on a side note i could use some baked ziti #gross #sorrynotsorry) which is why I’ve decided to go a week or so without any nicotine fixes. I’m not addicted to the point that i need to smoke constantly but it does become a quick habit if I’m not careful.

And on Sunday, what’s worse is that i completely forgot to drink water the entire day. The house where I’m renting my room at usually provides a water filter which they replace every time it runs out but for the past week or so, they haven’t been refilling it routinely so there hasn’t been much proper drinking water lately. So i got back at 5am the other day parched as hell, forgetting to buy my own bottle and as has been the norm lately, there wasn’t any water. I got so desperate i decided to boil some directly from the tap aaaaand lo and behold, there wasn’t any tap water either! *dies*

The next day i went out with some friends and stupidly drank an iced ocha, a pulpy Aloe Vera drink and some fake syrupy lychee drink. Completely forgetting to drink water. Not even a drop of h2o passed my lips that day. I woke up in the middle of the night completely dehydrated with my (sore) throat dry as sandpaper and realized that i hadn’t had actual water for the past 24 hours.

Hence i spent the whole day yesterday feeling pathetic and sorry for myself and fuelling back up with lots of water. Drank about 2 liters the entire day (which is way way plenty more than i am used to) and it’s now 10am the next day and I’m almost through my first 750ml! Yay

Okay this is turning out to be a really sad sounding post. But on the other hand, just to give myself more of a boost since I’m still feeling rather achy and sore everywhere (i read somewhere that water acts a lubricant for your joints and muscles? So that could be one thing) I’m going to start loading up on fruits and lots of juices (minus the sugar if i can help it). Can’t promise to lay off the junk food since it’s the most convenient to stock up on in my room but I’ll definitely be trying if only throughout the week.

It’s 10am so I’m going to try and catch up on some Z’s before waking up at 12 to get ready for work. That’s all!

P.s. I’m still unsure if i want to extend my internship for an extra week or not…i could use that week to travel to Bogor to meet up with some friends or just chill in my room and savour my remaining time here. But to do that i would require some money which i don’t have unless my boyfriend sends me some (I’m hoping he will though 😥 Not even going to try and ask because oh the shame!) because my parents cannot be relied on. Yay for family values!


I feel like this post looks really drab so let me leave you with this shot i took of the gorgeous Perawan beach at Pari Island! xx