Updates from Jak City #4: The Carrie Diarrheas

by alittlehoneyformyheart

So i’ve been stuck at home for the past two days with some mild food poisoning from an overly rare steak that i ordered from The Holy Cow @Steak Hotel on Sunday. While having the runs isn’t the most pleasant of experiences, i have to say that having some me time for myself was exactly what i needed after the past few weeks. Sure, the weekend had barely ended before i started feeling all crampy but during my weekends, i’m always so busy overcompensating for my busy week (um i’ve probably said this a million billion times but i work from 12-10pm five days a week. STILL NOT OVER IT) that most of my weekends are spent going out and about rather than recuperating because i’m just so sick of feeling like i’m missing out. 

I obviously feel guilty from missing out on work. Most people tell me not to since i’m only an intern and i don’t get paid by the company anyway but that’s the thing. Some of my fellow interns feel like the host company is indebted to them since they’re working for free rather than the other way round and so they feel comfortable with liberally taking days off. I, on the other hand, feel otherwise because i remember how hard it was just to get the company to review my application and how stressed out i was during the whole process. Not every company has time for that.

And yet i also do feel the indignance of being asked to do something that i feel isn’t in my field or is out of my league or isn’t appropriate for my position. I guess i don’t mind being asked to do menial jobs (sometimes on a slow day i even embrace these small tasks that occupy me) but it’s times when a colleague tells me “hey, i’ve been trying to call this client and the last time i spoke to them they sounded kind of mad. Can you try calling them instead?”. It’s like, i’m only an intern and if you (who are supposed to know what you’re doing) are finding it hard to approach your pissed off client, why are you asking me to do it?  It’s unprofessional and sort of mean knowing that you’re putting me under the heat as well. So the point is, i guess it’s definitely a give and take situation at the end of the day which means that i am expected to feel some sort of guilt at missing work while simultaneously, they are also expected to cut me some slack considering i’m the one in charge of my own welfare while i’m here and i am also the one who has to pay for my own medical bills if shit goes down.

To survive i’ve been buying food from tiny warungs on my street and funnily enough (well not really, considering i have non-existent free time) i’ve never taken the time to actually explore my street other than the usual route i take to work. It just shows how much i hate walking because the other day i was supposed to get some documents scanned for my visa and i took a 10-12 minute walk to the “nearest” scanning shop only to find that it was rudely closed. Then one of the guy from the neighboring shops told me that there was another one directly on my street next to a school. And i was like, “school? What school?”

So i take his advice and i retrace my steps and actually start taking in my surroundings instead of muttering angrily under my breath and stomping my way like i usually do whenever i’m forced to walk anywhere. And wow so apparently, there’s not only a school on my street, there are also two convenience stores, a government building, a handful of tiny restaurants and streetcarts and yeap, you guess it, a stationery shop which also scans and photocopies documents only three minutes away from my house.

Oh well, i really should head to sleep now considering i absolutely must make an appearance at the office tomorrow since i have to take half day off again on Friday for a trip to the immigration. My visa has finally been approved for extension which means yay i won’t be an illegal immigrant after all!

I was actually working on a birthday post before this since it was my 22nd birthday just last week but for some reason, i thought it would be more interesting to talk about my diarrhea. October seems like another exciting month ahead, i already have a few events planned for the next few weekends but as usual i won’t be talking about it until it has already happened. I’ve just never gotten the whole idea of telling the whole world about something when it hasn’t been set in stone yet. Doesn’t it just build unnecessary hype and take the fun out of everything? Oh well. To each his own, i suppose. That’s all for tonight! xx