Just everything on my exhausted mind

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I really wanted to blog or say something tonight. I really really did. But omg i am so freaking tired, i don’t even know what it is. It started out halfway through today and it could be because of that large peking duck i had for lunch but seriously, i always have that for lunch i don’t usually feel like this. Yesterday, on a freaking Sunday, i had to go to work at eight in the morning…yes i’ll give you time to absorb that, me 8am, yeah me, the person whose only reason to be up at 7am is that i haven’t gone to sleep yet. I had to go all the way to the airport (and let me tell you that Jakarta is no Brunei where the airport is like, 15 minutes from everything) and some genius overestimated the capability of 8 people (five of them with multiple suitcases between them) to fit into a minivan so guess who had to share the backseat with one other person and three suitcases which i had to prep up against my head for two damn hours so it wouldn’t slide unto the valuable person beside me . To add to it, the backdoor literally popped open while we were on the highway because it was so full. And to those of you who know me, probably know that i get carsick pretty damn easily so yeah, my Sunday afternoon was fairly pleasant with lots of running back and forth between terminals, holding up luggage with my head and being squished to death while fighting off my cold sweat and extreme nausea for a few hours at a time. Yeah.

Anyway, i’m also exhausted from thinking too much i guess. Sometimes i tell my boyfriend whenever he’s freaking out about something which only indirectly concerns him to not over think and that sometimes doing the bare minimum or just doing something based on pure, daily instinct is what’s best because it doesn’t leave room for personal agenda or judgement. But obviously, being the hypocrite that i am, am finding it much harder to actually take my own advice. I’m trying, i really am but sometimes people are just so mutherfucking stupid there’s really no way around it. It’s hard for me to overlook something when it happens over and over and over again and there’s no dismissing the fact that they’re idiots. Perhaps i should just accept that they’re assholes and that all that is already a part of them that is ingrained and embedded deep into their very being.

But seriously. Some people are just so bloody annoying. Why can’t they just act like normal human being? Seriously. Why wasn’t everyone born with proper social skills and mannerisms? I’m not claiming to be the most polite person out there but when i’m rude, i know i’m being rude. I know when i’m being a bitch and it’s usually because i’m reacting to something that i don’t like that deserves it. But aside from that, i would say that i’m one of the most diplomatic people i know. Psht. Not even tooting my own horn but i do know how to preserve and treat a situation which comes from years of practice and stepping over people’s toes.

But what really bothers me about these people is that they don’t realize how freaking stupid and ignorant they are. I understand that it’s not my place to tell it to them or even to try and change their point of views but wow, can you be anymore blind to how inconsiderate and stupid you are as a supposedly functional adult? Wow. Idiots. Just idiots everywhere.

Edit: Lol i’m rereading my post and i realized that i actually started out thinking that i had no energy to write anything down (“I really wanted to say something tonight, i really, really did) but hey, i completed a decent 650 word blog post anyway! One reason to tap myself on the back today. God, i need a spa day.