Showing some drugstore love!

by alittlehoneyformyheart

So i have been here for just about slightly more than a month now and i’ve sort of struck some kind of routine with some of the other girls where i reserve my Saturdays for a lovely brunch at some lovely restaurant and then we just go crazy in the malls (well, i do at least since weekends are the only days i have to myself, nope i don’t even have my evenings throughout the week) and then on Sundays we find another proper restaurant (not in a mall, to prevent any further damage and avoid temptation) to have tea at until at night. Sundays are usually very chill for me.

This week, i decided i was overdue for a proper trip to the drugstore. Keeping in mind that i am already sort of kind of slightly veering off my budget, damage, no matter how small, was done. The drugstore in question was Lippo Mall’s Watsons and while i’m much more a Boots sort of girl, i still had lots of fun. But i feel bad because whenever we go shopping, they always end up waiting for me. Like i’ll see them hanging around so i’ll pop by just to have a nice chat before heading into the fitting room and it turns out that they’ve already browsed, fitted out and paid for their things. Yeap.

Cutting to the chase because this post has been pending in my draft box for the past two weeks and my home page is getting stale, i bought some things that i’ve been meaning to try lately! Such asssssssss the ever -so-famous Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Cleansing Water!

Behold the nation’s favourite HG product!

I’ve been using it for the past week because i’ve been getting tired of my Neutrogena Deep Cleanse cleansing oil which i think has much to do with the fact that i don’t have a sink in my current place which makes it all the more of a hassle to wash all the gunk off especially with the emulsified water just splashing everywhere around my feet. Eugh. And i have to say, compared to my previous experience with No7’s heavily scented cleansing water which broke my skin out quite frequently, the Bioderma seems absolutely natural and i can vouch that there’s actually no need to double cleanse after if you don’t want to (although i usually do because double cleansing is kinda my thang). It doesn’t have a scent, if anything it smells like distilled water! Besides that it really gets my eye makeup off without much rubbing or tugging which completely won me over.

BUT my absolute favorite thing of all was the price that i paid for it. Now, as someone who has been living in an Asian country her whole life and spends much of her time abroad in other Asian countries, i still get that tiny spike of adrenaline high whenever i come across a drugstore stocking something which i’ve seen beauty gurus rave about on youtube. I had literally zero expectations of finding this highly raved product, most of all in a random Watsons store! And imagine my surprise when it wasn’t completely overpriced!

Edit: I could have sworn i wrote an entire paragraph on how much i bought it for but i think it got erased in the process somehow! So i bought the large bottle for only 190ribu rupiah (around BND19) AND omg, as i was reaching below to grab a new one from the back– like am i the only one who never grabs the first item on the shelf because i’m afraid of the first one being tampered what with everyone opening it or sniffing it and treating it as a tester lol– i saw one which was specially plastic wrapped and when i pulled it out it had a free baby travel sized Bioderma Micellar water attached to it! The last one! Initially, i only wanted to get the smaller travel sized one priced at 120ribu rupiah but came to the conclusion that it would be cheaper if i bought the larger one at 190ribu. AND TA-DAHHH in the end i got both for the price of one!

Next, i also bought Maybelline’s White Superfresh powder which QiuQiu, a Singaporean blogger, promoted on youtube a while back and apparently, it’s supposed to absorb your sweat faster than the average face powder. Since my skin has reverted back to its oily state (i’m not taking it too badly, i guess, but i hate looking like a greasy mess at the end of the day) i’ve been searching high and low for a proper powder foundation for me to touch up on throughout the day. I used to just apply E.L.F’s setting powder at the beginning of the day but it wasn’t doing much to maintain my foundation until the evening. Plus, since i get really unmotivated when it comes to touching up my makeup (especially my lipstick) unless i’m literally sitting around doing nothing, i needed a no fuss compact which would not only mattify but also provide ample coverage.

So i’ve been using it for a week or so now (not religiously because i am still oh so freaking lazy) and other than the gross white sponge that comes along with it (don’t take my word for it though, i find all sponges disgusting to the touch), it does the job pretty well. I tried it on once and my friends insisted that i looked much fresher after! The coverage isn’t half bad and it definitely mattifies the skin for at least a few hours, if not half a day. I can’t say much about its absorption capabilities but i won’t find fault with it,especially when it’s priced so freaking affordably! I bought it for only about 40-50 ribu rupiah? Which is about BND4.50 so that’s definitely nothing to complain about.

I had other products to talk about but they’re just some lip balms etc. and this post has been in my draft box for too damn long. I have literally been doing the same thing every night which is opening my laptop after reaching home from work, opening up my draft box and typing a few lines and then just leaving it there for the rest of the night. Oh the struggle is real, y’guys! The working life is real and it ain’t ideal! K so i’ll just end this tedious post here and the hope for the best for my next one!