Update from Jak City #3: Weekends

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Or Monday. Or Wednesday. Or Thursday.

Since arriving here, i haven’t appreciated weekends this much since…ever. With my crazy working hours (in which i do nothing from 12-10pm), i obviously very rarely have time to do anything. With the traffic in Jakarta, there’s no such thing as a quick brunch or breakfast if you’re thinking of heading anywhere that involves taking a vehicle of some sort. And while Jakarta is yet another city that never sleeps, i can’t exactly do any shopping or lounging around after 10pm. Therefore, my weekends are precious asf to me. Like, you literally cannot buy my weekends from me. Okay maybe i’d spare you one Saturday for a million dollars but tough luck getting anything more.

So far my weekends have been fairly eventful and relaxed. Last week i went to the WTF which a music festival featuring Ellie Goulding, Azealia Banks, Havana Brown, Jessie Andrews, Timeflies, Banks and the like! I’m fairly proud of myself considering last week was the first week in which i was finally left on my own because my boyfriend has to go back to Brunei. It’s ironic because he’s working in Brunei which is where i’m from and i’m working in Jakarta where he’s from. I honestly thought it would take longer for me to make friends and to actually get myself out of the house but before the week was over, i got in contact with some of the other interns also from the same university as me but interning in different offices in Jakarta and we scheduled a meetup that very Saturday. Andddddd without wasting time (or even meeting her first), i asked one of the girls if she wanted to go to the festival with me on Sunday. I know it’s unusual considering we were only meeting each other for the first time on Saturday but i did not want to let my first event slip by me just like that. So i took the chance of the possibility of her being a complete weirdo and it turns out that she’s pretty cool and sporting! So yayyy!

Anyway, back to my weekends being precious. My boyfriend’s family has been asking me out every weekend and i feel so rude saying no but omg if only you understood how important these two days are to me! And while i get along chiefly with them, i definitely don’t want to spend my only free time spreading pleasantries and smiling politely and making small talk and pretending to have the time of my life when all i really want to do is just spread out and relax… in a mall. That’s all i ask for. And my “mother in law” hasn’t asked me to go to church yet which i’m grateful for because i don’t have to decline but she’s been asking me every Sunday if i have plans and eugh i hope she never drops the question! I know i’m a Christian but it’s just complicated for reasons i can’t explain in black and white okay!

Today, i woke up pretty late and since one of the girls opted out because she has some friends over from Brunei and we stayed out “late” the night before (by late i mean 10pm because the rest of the girls aren’t much for the night scene but omg someone FIND ME SOME CLUBBING MATES PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING) and i thought of staying at home the entire day but my boyfriend, who knows me pretty damn well, told me to go out because while staying in at 1pm seems fairly feasible, come night i’ll  be pulling my hair out in regret. So i got my gel manicure done at Nail Sanctuary at Lotte Shopping Avenue (more on that in another post soon if i remember!) and later on met up with a friend for dinner at Steakhouse Hotel by Holy Cow because we’d been craving for steaks.

IT. WAS. AMAZING. The mushroom sauce was to dieeeee for. But halfway through the meal, i got really sick and started dry heaving whenever my friend wasn’t looking and it was not a pretty sight. I specifically ordered tenderloin steak because the waiter said that it was the fattiest and i loveee steak fats, especially lamb, so when i started gagging at the mere sight of my half eaten steak i knew something was wrong. For those of you who know me personally, you’ll know that my favourite tag line is “i’m gonna puke” and yet ironically, i rarely ever do in real life. It’s just something i can’t do, not to save my life. Lol. It was so sad! Ever since i got here, i’ve been sick, i’ve had fever, i’ve been getting frequent cold sweats and constant nausea from the cab rides. I’ve even gotten gastric. My boyfriend says it’s just cause my immune system isn’t used to the dirt and pollution that Jakarta has. But what worries me is the frequent sweating i get even when i’m in a fully air conditioned room, i’ll get directly in front of the aircon but the moment i step away my forehead starts beading again. Creyes.

BUT I STILL LOVE JAKARTA AND I DON’T KNOW IF I WANT TO GO HOME. OKAY. Sorry for this lame post, it actually took me two days to complete it. Lol. I want to start doing some reviews of the places i’ve been and some stuff that i’ve tried but i really haven’t had the time to. But soon! That’s all for now ❤