My take on TBS Nutriganic’s “Drops of Youth” serum

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Disclaimer: I love reviewing things but for those of you who wonder why i never post my own pictures, it’s mostly because i don’t really like the whole hassle of uploading things and transferring data, plus it doesn’t help that i’m not really the best photographer. I also know that the products that i talk about can easily be found with the help of a quick Google search, hence i’d prefer investing my energy into relaying my honest thoughts for my readers! Since i’m an avid procrastinator, just the whole process involving photos bores me and would most likely lead to it ending in the draft box. Lol

So tonight i want to talk about The Body Shop’s Nutriganics “Drops of Youth” serum which has been much hyped as a miracle product capable of transforming your skin overnight allowing you to wake up to smoother, brighter and younger feeling skin. I have friends who use it on its own instead of as a serum pre-moisturizer because they want the full effects of the product on its own but personally, i prefer going to by the book (because i’m anal that way lol) and applying it after my toner and before my moisturizer or face oil. On Makeup Alley, only 55% said that they’d repurchase it and after reading the reviews, i am happy to say i am not alone in saying that i too am far from impressed by this product.

For me, it definitely wasn’t worth the hype, nor the price. It took me weeks to decide i wanted to drop $50 on a tiny bottle of serum but being fully immersed in my skin care addiction at the time, i finally bought it. It wasn’t just that it was overhyped, i legitly wanted to see something the next day…but i didn’t. A month passed and i still didn’t notice any noticeable differences and now it’s been about four months, i’m more than halfway through the bottle and still zero 😦

Don’t get me wrong, it does feel fresh with its lightweight consistency and it definitely has the makings of my ideal serum texture (minus its functionality) as i do enjoy lighter feeling products, especially since there tends to be a lot of layering going on during our 12-step beauty routines. The Drops of Youth absorbs well into the skin without leaving overly sticky residue, making it more comfortable and less icky when applying a thicker night cream on top.

So my conclusion (taking into consideration other reviews and observations that i’ve made from elsewhere) is that it doesn’t work and if it does, it heavily relies on your skin type and on the condition of your skin. It doesn’t do any miracles unless your skin is already in a good state and clear to begin with (as most products tend to be; mere enhancers). My skin has a few dark spots on it from past acne scars and i do break out in pimples fairly often so this Nutriganics product did nothing for me. I give it 2.5 stars but only because i still use it when i’m feeling really lazy (which happens on a frequent basis) just to feel like i’m doing something for my skin…even if i can’t see it. 

P.s. BTW that lie about only using 2-3 drops on every single serum bottle is ridiculous. I use an entire pump per use on average! At least!

That’s all! xx