Update from Jak City

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Recently, i got news that i got accepted for an internship at a renowned tv station so two days ago i packed up and embarked on my four month adventure to Jakarta, a city that i’ve loved ever since i first stepped foot in it two years ago. YAY!

So far it’s been okay, i’ve already gained some footing since i’m currently living with my boyfriend’s family as usual while awaiting my actual accommodation to be ready (which i love btw but more on that later!) so it feels like i’m just on another normal vacation visiting my boyfriend’s relatives.

Except this time is different. So different.

I’m not sure if the initial magic just wore off, i still love the city of course, but deep down i’m sort of mildly terrified at the thought of being left here on my own once my boyfriend heads back to Brunei. In Jakarta the public transport isn’t that great and while my office will be within walking distance (sorta idk we tried a trial walk just now and it felt pretty damn long), what the hell do i do to get from one place to another? Like what if i just want to go on a coffee run in some food mall in the middle of the night? Okay so i don’t drink coffee but it’s still a valid question! Yeah i can catch a cab but i still have to walk some level out into the street before i find one. And i don’t mind walking except…i like to look pretty luxe when i hit the malls so does that mean i have to wear a separate outfit every time i leave the house and change into a better one when i reach my destination? Considering i’m not too psyched at the idea of being the target of some mugger, this doesn’t seem so far-fetched (Update: My boyfriend says i can call the cab to pick me up from my doorstep. Lol duh #firstworldproblems)

TBH i don’t think i thought this all the way through before coming here. I was just so excited to leave. Lol

Tomorrow i need to get my nails done, get my hair done and go shopping for work outfits because apparently, the main dress code for all interns is literally all black with a mandatory black button up. 15 year old me would have been so psyched. I went for a briefing yesterday at the main headquarters and felt like an absolutely blob compared to everyone. Everyone there was dressed to the nines, in heels, with perfectly coiffed hair and pristine makeup. I am literally considering getting a blowout every day before heading to work (Update: It was a Friday and apparently “Casual Fridays” mean something different here cause people use the opportunity to dress better than usual. Haha)

Lol okay this is a pretty half assed post but okay.jpg. I just missed updating! That’s all for now.