My resistance + final thoughts on The Fault In Our Stars

by alittlehoneyformyheart

TFIOS TWEET I half broke my vow and watched it during the sneak preview. LOL. But i swear it wasn’t my doing. For some reason, i’d told my boyfriend about the hype surrounding the movie and how i’ve been so adversed towards romantic movies lately…which backfired and made him want to watch it really badly. Everyone was so surprised because i’d sworn til i was blue in the face that i’d never watch it, if only out of defiance towards all the other basic bitches. But i did! I enjoyed it like i enjoy most movies in general when i put my mind to it but it wasn’t really super duper mind blowing as i expected it to be. Perhaps it would have been a different story if i had read the book beforehand– most certainly, i would have been much more hyped up for the movie but i also would have been much more disappointed so you could say that my reaction was fairly neutral. I can safely say that I’m not a diehard fan of TFIOS, converted or otherwise, but i won’t deny that i am definitely a fan of the feels.

The soundtrack wasn’t mind blowing (except for Boom Clap by Charlie XCX– i really enjoy her sound because of its similarities to Icona Pop!) but it was quite lovely and fitting.And i did end up downloading some of the tracks! How could i not fall for that track at the end though? Not a fan of Ed Sheeran– i don’t hate him, he just doesn’t appeal to me lol– but ahh the feels at the end. Just yes.

What i did NOT enjoy about the movie though was the character of Augustus Waters. I haven’t read the book yet but the way he was portrayed was just extremely juvenile and overly quirky. In true Bruneian fashion I’d say that i found him to be quite “capi-capi” in the movie.

That you did, Augustus.

The whole using cigarettes as metaphor thing, “Hazel Grace”, the arrogant egg throwing scene, just no. If Ansel wasn’t good looking (in which he is especially in Divergent but even so, only in moderation– btw this scale does not apply to my boyfriend okay just in case you’re wondering how good looking i think my boyfriend is :’) bahahahaha) I’m sure more girls would see him for what his character really is, a brat. That’s not to say there’s no good side to him either, I’ll give him that. I wept buckets when he broke down at the gas station and i appreciated that they did eventually reveal a more realistic and feasible side of him instead of the facade that was the entire first 3/4 of the entire movie.

I cried like a little biatch here NEGL.

Hazel Grace was okay, nothing spectacular or remarkable. Shailene did an okay job but call me out on this if you will, she’s still a movie star in a movie, couldn’t they at least slap on some eyeliner? Cancer patients would like to make an effort too okay! And that blue dress did not do wonders either. Okay mmhmm i know John Green wrote it that way but obviously he did not put any thought into doing justice for her complexion. An emerald green with black pumps would have made a huge difference, just f.y.i.

And for the love of everything, can people stop pulling the “okay” line already? It’s annoying! It’s a normal thing to say but all of a sudden asking someone if they’re okay is some form of a grand, romantic gesture! And it’s not. And wtf is “maybe forever will be our okay”? That’s so stupid i can’t even comprehend. Shakespeare is weeping in his grave. It doesn’t even make sense!


There were some beautiful lines in the movie which i assume originally stems from the book but overall, the movie wasn’t worth the hype even for someone who hasn’t read the book. Verdict: 6/10. It’s a sweet movie but nothing more, really. My bet is that 90% of TFIOS fans are hipster wannabe teenage girls who consider this book to be their first attempt at serious reading material. But i really appreciate that they skipped all the dreary cancer parts though. I was afraid i was signing up to watch a documentary or cancer awareness programme.

Oh but you know what, i just thought of it and i’d like to give it a 7/10 instead just because they had sex. I felt so proud of the movie when i saw that, does that make sense? To me that was the one part which stood out to me and set it apart from being the teen flick that i had it penned down for.

P.S. Here are my favourite tracks from the movie! DEM FEELS