Do you think i’m fake? Cause i don’t #breakingitdownforyou

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I don’t think i’m fake at all– temperamental yes, fake? No.

I believe that every person is multi-faceted and comes with their own set of faults and habits and when i don’t like it, i say it and i talk about it. So you could say that i’m even more honest and loyal than most people in that i address their cons and their annoying quirks and yet i can still put it to one side and continue being even stronger friends than we were before– after getting it out of my system. How i feel about that person today may not be what i feel in a week’s time or even tomorrow and that’s the truth. I’m not about to throw our friendship away and give you the permanent stink eye just because i said i don’t like the pompous way that you say “coffee”. But idk maybe some saints don’t share the same opinion and think that once you have a bad thought about someone it’s best that you move on and look for someone new to latch on. Spoiler alert: I don’t think that way.

Talking about things is my coping mechanism. It recharges me and enables me to deal with your shit with a fresh face everyday. Plus, what exactly is the difference between someone like me who rants about someone or something to a confidante and the next girl who bitches and subtweets fit to bust on their twitter feed? Idek can someone explain?

I’m the type of person who can’t keep it in. I have to let things out. When i try to suppress things, that’s when the shit hits the fan big time. Some people just don’t let room for your opinions because they’re too stuck in their own little world so there’s no point bringing it up with them because they’re defensive as fuck so i keep it in and i keep it in and when i can’t keep it in any longer: a) i either explode which makes things even more complicated because i don’t like to mend things or b) i cut of all contact when i can no longer stand you.

Some people think i’m a bitch because well, i bitch and i bitch hard. But i see it differently in that, if i stick around, that means that there’s more to you than what i bitch about. I’m not going to sit there and praise your name and thank God for bringing you into my life because a) that goes without saying and b) where’s the fun in that? But what i do bitch about, that only makes up a small part of the people that i choose to keep in my life and actually make an active effort to stick around in their lives. I genuinely love my friends and when it comes down to it, i would go a long way to be with them and help them out in times of need. Don’t tell anyone though, we don’t want any heart attacks. Plus they should know it by now and if they don’t, well maybe we should reconsider a lot of things.

And then there’s the space aspect. I deal with some people differently. Some people just call for a timeout. Like, there are some people who i can’t live without (i.e. my boyfriend, my best friend, my close friends– and f.y.i. all of them annoy me at some point throughout life too and if you think otherwise and that friendships are a smooth course that should only be dealt with one way, then you, my friend, are the fake one here). Then there are people that i prefer to face once every two weeks and then there are the people whom i’d only like to see once in three months– oh that is a thing, i assure you. These people, i meet them once in a blue moon and i leave them feeling like i have had enough of them in the last three hours to last me the next 100 days. They can’t understand why but i do and frankly speaking, that’s all that matters. And to be even more honest, they make amazing talking points over dinner. You bitch about my bitching and yet, bitches enjoy it like no other. Face it, a lot of people rely on me to do their bitching for them. All their suppressed emotions and thoughts?

Yeah, i said it but you were totally thinking it.

So who’s fake now?