Choo choo, mofos

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I feel like i’m having writer’s block.

It’s weird because i’ve only been writing on here but perhaps that’s the very reason causing this block. I haven’t written much formal material in the past month or so. I’ve always found it harder to write without guidelines and as sporadic as i enjoy being most of the time, i do find myself leaning more towards guidelines and conventions. There are some drafts that i have yet to publish, in some i talk about dealing with my grandfather’s cancer (spoiler: i don’t), or some frustration that i’m in the process of overcoming, or just a line or three about how i’m doing in general and some beauty products that i’ve been using. Most of them are only about 3/4 done and i write them mostly when my thoughts and sentiments can no longer be contained in the recesses of my mind. Then when all my steam runs out eventually the posts just tend to drag on without feeling and i can’t bring myself to post them because i feel like they’re no longer relevant and i don’t want to send out things that i don’t feel very strongly about. I don’t want my readers to get the second best of me. It makes me feel detached from my words.

This space is special, it isn’t like Instagram i can’t just #latepost it half arsedly and expect it to be alright. And i’m feeling so bloody mopey today. No, really, i’m on my period.

That’s all for now. This train has run out of steam once again.